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Nikola Tanev

Not just code. Full engineering support.
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C, C++/MFC/STL/QT, Python, C#, Visual Basic, C++, PHP, Builder, Delphi, Java, SQL, OpenGL, Actionscript 3.
Service Description
- Team leader and lead developer for software that is part of the Johnson Controls Authoring Tools (PDF Generation out of xml files using apache FOP). (C++/MFC - VS6, Apache FOP, MSXML 6),

- Team Leader for NRE version 2 application evolution (for SPX). The application was ported to VS2005 (previously C++/MFC - VS6).

- Team Leader and lead developer for the AT2MPD MOCK-UP project (part of the Johnson Controls Authoring Tools). (C#, using Excel COM),

- Developer for the AT2DED MOCK-UP project (part of the Johnson Controls Authoring Tools). (C#, using Excel COM)

-Developed application for quality and time measurement of the people employed by measuring the time spent on separate processes Lead Developer (C++/MFC with Microsoft SQL Server 2000)

- Analysis and maintenance of change requests and bug-fixing for the Johnson Controls Diagnostic tool - CLIP,

- Team Leader for the project "CLIP memory test" for the Johnson Control's Diagnostic tool - CLIP

- Detailed elaboration, estimation and risk identification case study for porting of the whole CLIP System from XP to VISTA (CLIP ON VISTA case study) (this research also included porting from VS6 to VS2005/VS2008 of the CLIP system and also research and risk estimation for usage of the newer libraries of the following frameworks: ACE and QT),

- One of the 4 main profiles in the Renault Diagnostic for maintenance the CLIP diagnostic tool (responsible for evolution and maintenance for specific modules of the diagnostic tool as expert engineer) 2 weeks of training and evaluation passed with excellent result. (in the offices of Johnson Controls in Sofia, Bulgaria).
University "St. Kiril and Metodij", Skopje
Internet and mobile applications
2000 - 2009
Technical Expert
2009 - 2010
Software Team Leader
2006 - 2009
Also working as a lead developer. In the holes between projects as software expert for onsite activities in SPX France - Renault Projects (legacy projects and so... filling loopholes)
Software engineer
2005 - 2006
Developer for the Johnson Controls Authoring tools. The company works for Johnson Controls as a subcontractor for Renault projects
Government of the Republic of Macedonia
IT Expert at the Government of R.M.
2003 - 2004
• Developed software for the translation process management management (Delphi, Word and Excel COM). • Developed intelligent (self-learning) revision software for the translation of the questionnaire (C++ Builder with Access database). The software was needed to unify the translated phrases.
Sector of EU Integration - Government of Macedonia
IT Support
2002 - 2002
Audit and quality assurance for the site:
Payment Terms
Prefer using escrow for all projects.
Nikola Tanev | Elance

Nikola Tanev