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Todd C.

Professional, independent software developer
   United States


Professional software developer with over 20 years experience writing software. I have professional experience with writing all levels of software from operating system internals to graphical interface applications (e.g. Windows and Mac OSX) to web software.

Featured skills: PHP, MySQL, eCommerce, Cocoa, Palm webOS, Concrete5 CMS, Skyblue Canvas CMS.
Service Description
I am a sole proprietor. I design, develop, and manage custom web sites and software for a wide variety of businesses, organizations and individuals.
Western Washington University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
1988 - 1991
Todd Crowe Web Development
Sole Prioprietor
2005 - Present
* Design, develop and manage custom websites and software for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.
Netscape Communications/America Online
Senior Programmer
1997 - 2005
* Lead the design and development of an internal service used by many Netscape and AOL applications. This service was massively scalable and supported millions of concurrent users. * Developed applications for Netscape Netcenter * Developed parts of Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator, including much of the LDAP functionality
IBM Corporation
Senior Programmer
1993 - 1997
* Development representative at Netscape Communications * Lead the development of OPEN32, a binary compatible Windows 32 API for OS/2. * OS/2 Presentation Manager developer
Cray Research
1991 - 1993
* Developed enhancements for and maintained the Unicos operating system (a System V Unix variant) that ran on Cray supercomputers.
Technical Support
1988 - 1990
* Provided technical support for a wide variety of Microsoft products including their FORTRAN compiler and Macro Assembler.
Payment Terms
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Todd C.