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Chadwick, Hwu and Huang, LLP

Legal Services
   United States
  |   Alhambra, CA
  |  12:25 pm Local Time

About the Company

We provide legal services in a variety of areas, mainly civil litigation, divorce, immigration, criminal defense, and bankruptcy.
Service Description
For civil litigation, we provide all services from the consultation before drafting a complaint up through a trial if necessary.

For divorce, we provide services for both contested and uncontested divorces.

For immigration, we specialize in asylum cases, but can provide services and consultations in other areas as well.

For criminal law, we specialize in misdemeanors and DUIs, although we can handle felony defenses as well.

For bankruptcy, we handle all personal bankruptcies.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Depending on the type of legal service, we typically have multiple payment options, including hourly and flat fee.
Chadwick, Hwu and Huang, LLP | Elance

Chadwick, Hwu and Huang, LLP