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Elizabeth Baker

Your In-House Ghostwriter
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"The difference between the almost right word & the right word is like the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." ~Mark Twain

As a ghostwriter, I specialize in non-fiction research, writing and editing. I have ghostwritten books in fields such as personal development, leadership, marketing strategies and educational advancements. My clients include an eclectic mix of CEO's, international speakers and authors. I focus on:

*Ghostwriting your concepts while letting your voice shine through
*Manuscript evaluation and guidance in developing the book you envision
*Editing that adds a professional touch to your finished manuscript

I will work in tandem with you to find your voice and bring your vision to life, in any format.

I always strive to complete projects on time - with confidence that the end result will stand out from the ordinary.

Service Description
My services include:

I focus on providing services that help you successfully transform tangled thoughts and dreams into a fully tangible manuscript--I am there with you every step of the way

Developmental editing:
Highlighting a manuscript's best features - reorganizing chapters/sections to emphasize key themes, using words and placement that make the work cohesive and intriguing

A thorough manuscript evaluation exploring strengths and weaknesses in premise, voice, and writing; line editing; checking for consistency and cohesiveness; overall flow and structure

Creative fiction & non-fiction:
Content for educational journals, apps, mobile games and online publications

Freelance Writer for Hire
Writing & Editing Services
2004 - Present
Freelance writing and editing services
Payment Terms
Escrow, always Escrow!

Short term projects: Escrow must be fully funded before work commences.

Larger projects: Escrow must be fully funded on a per milestone basis before work begins or continues.

Payment terms, including a deposit if applicable, deadlines and any signed NDA are agreed upon before the work begins.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All work is treated as 100% confidential. I will never share your work with others without your express permission - that includes putting it my portfolio.

The fee quoted for each project includes two sets of revisions, a revision consisting of all necessary corrections, as well as minor changes to the style, tone and content. Requests to add substantial amounts of new content or to change the literary format and structure, may incur additional fees.

Elizabeth Baker | Elance

Elizabeth Baker