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About the Company

Youíre passionate about your business and Iím passionate about my design. My job is to help you look your best and help you successfully reach your prospects. Helping you reach your target audience and communicate your message in the most effective manner is my top-most goal. I am committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations with creative, professional, and innovative design solutions that speak to your customer base, while providing you with unrivaled customer service.
Service Description
Services include:

+ Graphic Design, Page Layout
+ Brochures
+ Handouts, Flyers, Forms, Postcards, Mailers, Sell Sheets
+ Marketing Material
+ Business Collateral (stationary, envelopes, promo material, business cards)
+ Posters
+ Advertisements
+ Book Covers and Page Design
+ Signage
+ DVD / CD covers
+ Infographics and Illustrations
+ Photo editing, correcting, retouching
+ Banners
+ Presentation Materials

Thank you for looking at my profile and I hope to work with you soon.

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Teresa Robinett

University of Florida
Bachelors in Journalism
1992 - 1996
ThemeWorks, Inc.
Graphic Designer
2002 - 2011
Lead designer for display graphics. Graphics ranged in size from a few inches to over 10 feet, including banners, murals, and signage. Some design required custom / original artwork and illustrations. Designed shop drawings for fabricated exhibits and signage using AutoCAD and CADTools for Illustrator. Also designed in-house material including posters, proposal designs, proposal and covers, web site pages, postcards, portfolio pages, and advertisements. Managed freelancers and the design process, as well as the printing process, printing to various types of substrates (including metal, fabric, acrylic, phenolic) and in various manners of printing (laser cutting, waterjet cutting).
Childers Consulting Group
Graphic Designer
1998 - 2001
Lead graphic designer for all in-house projects. Design projects included a quarterly newsletter, web site, sell sheets / product sheets, proposal covers, stationary, logos, marketing material, advertisements, editing and writing marketing material and proposals, business cards and business folders. Re-designed corporate materials for other VARs during a CCG workshop; received letter of appreciation from one client for my creativeness and hard work on all of their company materials and updating their image. Also received a letter of appreciation from the Childers Owner for my work on preparing a proposal for it's level of accuracy, detail and professionalism.
Graphic Designer
1997 - 1997
Lead graphic designer with responsibilities that included designing the training manuals and their covers; all marketing material including promo materials, advertisements, flyers, marketing kits, proposal templates, and envelopes. Also responsible for editing training manuals and having them bound and shipped. Received a letter of appreciation from an IBM employee regarding my customer service for getting their training materials to them on-time, in perfect condition on such short notice.
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Teresa Robinett