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Terrence Szymanski

Web-apps, NLP, machine learning
   United States
  |   Cleveland Heights, OH


I hold a Ph.D in Computational Linguistics, and I split my time between working on my own personal projects and freelance work, and I'm equally interested in general web app development and NLP-specific projects.

I code primarily in Python but also less often in C, Java, R, or Matlab. I have experience using several open-source projects for Natural Language Processing (e.g. NLTK, Giza/Sphinx for machine translation, Festival for speech synthesis, Weka for machine learning). For Web Application development, I have exeperience using the Amazon Web Services platform, JavaScript, Django, Apache, and MySQL, among other technologies.
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University of Michigan
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Savvy Languages
2012 - Present
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Terrence Szymanski | Elance

Terrence Szymanski