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About the Company

We are the Rooster Design, a professional graphics design firm of 6 years.

At our firm, we take great pride and dedication in delivering exceptional designs that go far beyond the quality of ordinary designers. We are not satisfied until we have delivered a work of art that exceeds all client expectations in quality and turn around time. As a firm, we understand
the potent power of artistic appeal, and will employ it flawlessly to help you win over the hearts and minds of your future customers, and create product and brand loyalty!

Although we are not a new firm, up until now we have been "by referral only". This has meant an unprecedented level of both loyalty and quality of product and service to our clients. Now, we have decided to take graphic design on Elance to the next level, and set a new standard
for excellence.

Tomislav Suhecki, an internationally renowned artist, provides his expertise as a member of the firm.

Service Description
We specialize in general developing, graphic design, web, print, and marketing materials. We use the latest software and methods to ensure the highest quality product. Our approach is always professional and with a personal touch.

We commonly design entire web sites for maximum graphic appeal and work directly with web developers to ready it for deployment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions with regard to your project.
Faculty for Design, Union University in Belgrade
bachelor degree - graduated graphic designer
2003 - 2008
Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade
Masters (Art)
1983 - 1986
Arts Academy in Novi Sad
1970 - 1978
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Our terms vary depending on the project and the client's needs.
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The Rooster Design Studio