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Barry J.

Reliable Web Development, UI Specialist.
   United Kingdom
  |   Swindon, Wiltshire
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I am an experienced freelance/contract web developer. I have been building data-driven software applications for 13+ years, starting with Microsoft technologies (ASP, VB6, MSSQL). 7 years ago I decided to move over to open-source technologies like PHP, mySQL and javascript frameworks. While building both back and front-end solutions, I specialised in building interactive, javascript-powered user interfaces.
Service Description
User Interface development is my speciality. Ajax-powered javascript and jquery applications enable a website/webapp to perform much quicker than the traditional page request/response structure, and allow an application do function more like a desktop app than a more 'wooden' webpage.

Typical web developers focus heavily on the back-end development and the client side tends to be an afterthought, with code chucked in pages in random places.

I prefer to approach client side coding in a clean and organised fashion, following the model of progressive enhancement, and unobtrusive coding. I tend to treat the client portion of a project as an application in its own right; making use of namespaces, classes and general code organisation.

Of course, an interface is no good without something to display! I am fully competent using PHP4/5 and mySQL5. I can handle ALL aspects of a web application, including server configuration, database administration, server and client coding.

All of my code is OOP - I have a code library that I constantly work on, and utilise on many projects.

I have used many jQuery plug-ins and widgets, and have built custom wrappers around many. I am experienced with Google Maps APIs, and other web services / APIs.

I take pride in my work, and will always give a little extra, in terms of my work, and also with any relevant consultancy that I may be able to offer.
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Barry J.