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Arturo Civit

Professional Wordpress Responsive Solutions
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Wordpress Responsive+Custom Development and Design + Great SEO Experience!! that plus more than 15 years of experience and more than 7 years on eLance Check it out:

The NewMediaStudio is passionate about customer service. Our convenient operational time zone (9am to 6:30pm EST), provides you with an immediacy of communications that our competition simply cannot beat. As an American-based company located in Miami, Florida, we are proud of our quick-response capabilities that keep projects moving smoothly and efficiently. Our satellite offices in Mexico City provide dynamic creative and business support as well. We take the initiative in communicating with our clients, which allows for a dramatic difference in producing and implementing timely project changes. The NewMediaStuido conducts business
Service Description
Looking for fresh creative perspectives that immediately engage site visitors and whole-heartedly represent your business or organization? Needing outstanding site functionality and accessibility? Wanting the most powerful internet presence possible?

1.- Staff with extensive experience on web development projects.
2.- More than 14 years in the web design and development industry.
3.- Convenient time zone (EST from 9:00 am to 6:30pm). ( you might not think this is a big problem, but once you get up a few times late at night or really early in the morning just so you can communicate with your developer you will realize the benefits of having your development Company within your time zone. )
4.- Excellent Web Designers and Developers.

The NewMediaStudio is the perfect solution.

1.- We are not the typical company who works with 15 projects at the same time, we take no more than 3 projects in order to deliver the best possible results, we respect your project and company as you do.
2.- All our designs are from scratch. A modern web design and layout: Modern, attractive, yet effective website. Compatible with mobile devices!
3.- No strings attached, we offer a backend area or Content Management System ( CMS ), where you can edit your contents, add, update and delete texts, images, documents, links, creation of pages, blog posts, and much more!
4.- We deliver a basic SEO strategy ( Search Engine Optimization ): Your site will be "noticed" by the search engines spiders and will start to be ranked amongst your top keywords and search criteria.
5.- Free maintenance for 12 months ( No redesigns included nor changes in functionality - Scope of Work - )

The NewMediaStudio offers you expert services delivered with a personal touch.

* Wordpress Custom Development and Theme Design
* Custom PHP and MySQL Applications
* SEO Strategies and Professional Writers
* eCommerce
* Custom CMS Solutions
* Web Site and Graphic Design

Our proven expertise and dedication to providing superior service guarantees you a successful project and a healthy ROI.
Search Engine Strategies 2006
Awarded: 2006
iHispanic, Google, Yahoo
Search Engine Strategy Diploma
Awarded: 2006
Payment Terms
Projects Less than $1500: payment on completion.

Projects up to $1500: Payments arranged by Milestones defined between The NewMediaStudio and the Client.

Escrow milestones must be funded and released within 2 days of invoicing. The project begins with the release of the first escrow milestone; continues after the approval of the mock-up design and release of the second milestone; and continues on with the subsequent approval of each milestone delivery and release of escrow payment. Files are released and the site uploaded to the Client’s server once the final escrow milestone is released. This policy is in accordance with Elance’s escrow terms of service and is designed to protect both the Buyer and Service Provider.

Please Note: Any payments rejected by the Elance system and subsequently refunded from the Service Provider’s account must be processed again immediately to settle the invoice. This could include rejected credit card transactions, insufficient bank account funds, failed transfers or any other payment issue that causes a reversal of the deposited funds from the Service Provider’s account. The Client is solely responsible for resolving the issue with Elance and/or their payment processing company, in a timely manner.

Nick Noorani
Ek Tara Canada, CEO
Project deliverables exceeded expectations. All minor problems quickly resolved. Project specs included requirement to structure admin area to be idiot proof since I am a computer novice. Final result was exactly on the mark!
Naveed Noorani
Cytara Hospitality, CEO
Very good guys, very easy to communicate with. Greatest advantage, their time zone (central time), often you will receive answers very quickly. Highly recommended! Dont think twice, hire this guys!!
Sarah Carter DuHaime
Scene Change Inc, SEO
Creation of Dynamic web site with Custom Content Management System
Doug Lucciano, President
I started my website project with Arturo with high expectations and I have to say that all the targets were met with great professionalism from all the team. It turned out to be a great looking web site even without all the heavy images and graphics that rob most sites of the speed they need to be quick loading for the customers viewing them. Our customers have more time to spend on our web site because they don't have to waste time waiting for the site to load. Arturo convinced us that we would need to write a lot of unique content for the site. He was right. Our content is rich with our keywords and key phrases. Our keyword meta tags and description meta tags are properly constructed. The description and keywords back up the title of each page which backs up the name of the web site which backs up the web site's URL which backs up the domain name. All because our web design firm knew what they were doing. New Media Studio designers are webmasters, and I emphasize the word 'Master', but they are also a firm that knows and understands business. This is what you need if you are going to entrust your financial livelihood to someone for the purpose of creating a business for you on the Internet. The story will not end there. Day in and day out you will be able to count on having a statistics expert watching over your web business and the statistics it generates. New Media Studio has the ability to find vital clues hidden in those statistics that will enable them to adjust and tweak your web site so that it will continually evolve and improve! To sum it up, New Media Studio is the web expert firm. They excel in developing and maintaining web sites that consistently rank very high in the search engines and directories. After your web site is complete, they will be your advisor regarding all you need to work on to further push your web site towards the ultimate place, the top of the pack.
Amy Sturm
Amos and Andys, CEO
WOW! Couldn't have asked for more! Arturo went over and above what was asked every time! His excellent communication and hard work ethic are to be commended! We would highly recommend the services of THE NEW MEDIA STUDIO! Thanks again Arturo!
Arturo Civit | Elance

Arturo Civit