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Jessie O.

Let me write your success.
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Do you get sick of all the business jargon, and bragging about results no one can prove, or Elance ranking? I am.

Yes, I went to school for marketing, and now act as a copywriter. That doesn't mean I want or probably even need to fill your reading with fantastic terms like rapid skim strategies, psychographics, unique selling propositions, or even niche market segments. I know what those things are, and i'll spare you the lectures.

I write to sell, and i do it in an easy to understand way that makes sense specifically for your audience. No one else!

Don't let that serious talk confuse you either. Unless a textbook for accounting, or calculus needs to be written; I'm creative, entertaining, and energetic in my writing. Unless you don't want it. That's my USP; I'm creative and will use it to your advantage if you let me.

When you choose to work with me you'll get an easy going, and flexible writer who cares about your project beyond a paycheck.

Service Description
If you're looking for anything sales based, you found the right spot.

Sales copy to include direct response sales letters are my specialty. I've composed letters on an extremely diverse range of subjects to include sex based products, real estate, investing, accounting, warranties, domain advertising, multiple accounting services, diets, beauty products, gambling, and more.

I take the time to fully understand what i'm writing to sell and approach it in a way that makes sense to your audience. This is very much an art, as you can have two very similar products/services... YET different consumer groups who will value a different approach completely. This can be hard to understand for some, luckily I'm very empathetic by nature.

If you're looking for:

Sales letters
Web copy
anything you would define as marketing materials
sales copy editing

Or whatever else that falls into the realm of copywriting.

I've written for a lot of websites and composed many letters that have arrived in both physical and electronic mailboxes.

If you want something done by a professional who is both educated in the field, and has experience; please get in touch with me.

My goal is to make you happy, and if you give me the opportunity; I will.
Fox Valley Technical College
Advanced Selling Techniques - Certification
- 2012
Fox Valley Technical College
Business Management - AAS
- 2012
Fox Valley Technical College
Marketing - AAS
- 2012
Charlie's Garage
Senior Copywriter
2012 - Present Charlie's Garage is the source for custom designed websites that specializes in ecommerce. I write copy for a diverse range of websites from lawn care, to employment agencies and more.
Payment Terms
I greately prefer fixed price, although I am flexible and eager to please in any form that is mutually reasonable.
Jessie O. | Elance

Jessie O.