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Barbara Peterson

I research and write on every topic under the sun
   United States
  |   Cheyenne, WY


I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years. I write both fiction and non-fiction. My non-fiction writing includes press releases, blog entries and articles on any subject.

I am also a proofreader and editor.
Service Description
In addition to my research and writing work, I publish The Thunder Child, a science fiction and fantasy web magazine, with new articles uploaded on a regular basis and Winged Victory: Women in Aviation.

I research thoroughly on any subject in libraries across country and on the web. I write easy-to-read and informative material on a vast array of subjects. Few subjects too difficult.

I have over 20 years experience as a writer and administrative assistant. I've been working through Elance for 6 years, with over 170 satisfied clients. Be sure to check "Lifetime Reviews" to see this.

Visit my website: The Thunder Child, a monthly science fiction webzine that I write and publish.
University of Minnesota
No degree
Honeywell/Alliant Techsystems/GES
Admin Assistant
1980 - 1989
I worked as an admin assistant for Honeywell's military defense contractor arm, and went with the spin off, Alliant Techsystems (or ATK). I then went with its spinoff, Global Engineering Systems (GES), before that particular spin off spun away into insolvency... I have been self-employed every since.
Payment Terms
I'd like to set up some long-term associations with people who need my services. I prefer to be paid weekly or bi-weekly.

As far as turnaround time - you give me a deadline - it'll be done before then.
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Laura Abro, Owner
Wrote 15 blogs a week (3 for each of 5 blogs) for several months.
Barbara Peterson | Elance

Barbara Peterson