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Writer of Fiction, Nonfiction, Games; Editor
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About the Company

PhD in Literature and Creative Writing | Game Writer and Game Designer | Editor

“If you're looking for attention to detail, strong writing skills and the ability to produce quality work in a timely manner, I highly suggest Schnoodle Media LLC. . . .Highly Recommended!”

I'm an experienced, published author in many genres. I'm a strong believer in storytelling that's both entertaining and thought provoking. I can adapt my writing style to meet the needs of your project, whether it's fiction, children's writing, academic writing, narrative design, or game writing.

As an editor, I'm comfortable with both fiction and nonfiction. I enjoy mentoring writers. My work as a composition instructor has given me insights into all types of writing styles, and I'm used to working with non-native English speakers. I'm a highly analytical reader who's interested in making sure that all parts of a piece (content, subtext, style, tone, and voice) come together to create an engaging experience.
Service Description
o Fiction Writing

Novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, flash fiction, and children’s writing. Adaptable to a range of genres, voices, and styles, experimental as well as traditional fiction.

Work has been reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010, placed on Locus’s Recommended Reading List, and featured in Nature.

* Created mini e-books for Quantum Learning Technologies, with the goal of getting kids interested in reading. Fiction and nonfiction pieces include serialized fiction, one-shot stories, biographies, science pieces, and general-interest pieces. Will adjust Lexile scores and writing to specific reading levels.

o Game Design and Narrative Design

Game Design: Develop game's core mechanics and gameplay, scenarios, NPCs, PCs, creatures, etc. Adventure/quest/event writing and design, and skill/location/item/ability writing and design.

Narrative Design: incorporate narrative, character interactions, environmental narrative, and storylines into gameplay to ensure story elements are well integrated into the gameplay and mechanics. Experience as a fiction writer and editor has given insight into character development, plot development, and worldbuilding.

Technical Document Writing: game design documents, game bibles, story documents, pitch documents, wireframes, and asset lists.

* Game Designer and Narrative Designer/Game Writer on upcoming social-network RPGs. Co-Coordinator and instructor of GDC Online's Game Writing Tutorial. Served as Assistant Designer and DLC Writer on Academagia: The Making of Mages (Black Chicken Studios). Consultant on game concepts for Slooce Technology.

o Game Writing

Provide storyboarding and scripting, as well as cutscenes and cinematics, barks, NPC chatter, and character bios in the tone and style of your game.

o Transmedia

Develop your IP's universe in games, fiction, comics/manga, and film, enabling your audience to experience and explore your universe in new ways.

o Academic Writing

Areas of focus include literary criticism, multiculturalism, popular culture, and encyclopedia writing. Will format pieces to fit house style or preferred style of documentation.

* Work has appeared in Marshall Cavendish’s Popular Contemporary Writers, Greenwood Press’s The Encyclopedia of Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy, and The International Journal of Philosophy.

o Nonfiction and Creative Nonfiction

Incorporate elements of fiction in long-form and short nonfiction. Genres include biography, memoir, autobiography and contemporary issues.

* Published a hi-lo biography on Russell Simmons for Mason Crest and a creative nonfiction piece for Seal Press’s Under Her Skin: How Girls Experience Race in America.

o Localization

Polish documents already translated into English to make them more accessible to the target audience and to improve their readability. These include game scripts, dialogue, fiction, and nonfiction.

o Basic Proofreading for grammatical and typographical errors

o Copyediting for grammatical and typographical errors, style and voice

Will quickly assess and correct writing errors.

* Served as composition instructor, writing center tutor, and English tutor in traditional and online classrooms. Adept at working with a range of writing abilities, as well as native and non-native English speakers.

o Substantive Editing

Evaluate overall manuscript, including content, plot and character development, progression of ideas, themes, tone, style, and voice, and proofread grammatical and typographical errors.

* Founded the literary journal Harpur Palate and served as its managing/fiction editor. Worked closely with writers to revise fiction and poetry to get pieces ready for print. Work published in Harpur Palate during my tenure was reprinted in Best American Mystery Stories, Best of the Rest (recognizing small press works), and received honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Former intern at Owl Books at Henry Holt, where evaluated fiction and nonfiction manuscripts in the slushpile.
Binghamton University
Doctor of Philosophy, Literature, Creative Writing
2000 - 2003
Iowa State University
Master of Arts, English/Creative Writing
1998 - 2000
Gallatin School, New York University
Bachelor of Arts, Individualized Study
1995 - 1998
International Game Developers Association
Executive Board Member, Game Writers SIG
2013 - Present
Nominated and voted into position. Create and facilitate programs to benefit game writers and narrative designers within the game industry. Support writers looking to get into the industry. Bring more awareness to the art of game writing and narrative design to non-writers.
Online English Tutor
2010 - 2013
Commented on the content, grammar, and writing styles of a wide variety of students at different education levels, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate, as well as non-native English speakers. Essays, resumes, and projects evaluated were in many disciplines and areas of interest. Feedback was geared to instruct students to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their own work.
Black Chicken Studios
Assistant Designer and Adventure Writer
2008 - 2010
Created lores, items, spells, spell components, actions, abilities, locations and other needed content for Academagia: The Making of Mages, RPG with text-based gameplay. Developed content for game's skill sets, paying attention to the universe's worldbuilding and backstory. Assisted writers and designers in creating needed content for benefits and drawbacks of adventure, complication, and event exits. Inputted and revised content in game's editing tools. Wrote multi-staged and branching adventures for game's DLC.
Quantum Learning Technologies
Head Writer
2008 - 2009
Responsibilities included generating reading content for kindergarten through-middle school students, especially focusing on material that would interest and inspire non-readers and struggling readers. Created short fictions of all genres, fiction serials, and nonfiction including biographies and science pieces. Adjusted reading levels of material using Lexile Scores to accommodate a variety of student readers.
ITT Technical Institute Incorporated
Adjunct Online Instructor
2004 - 2006
Facilitated online course for Composition I students, responsible for updating course each week, encouraging students to participate in online environment, and grading weekly assignments
Harpur Palate, Binghamton University
Founding, Managing and Fiction Editor
2000 - 2003
Started literary journal for Creative Writing Program at Binghamton University; oversaw administration of the journal, worked closely with readers and writers; copyedited and proofread issues; designed style sheet for Harpur Palate; helped with layout using QuarkXpress; Awards: stories accepted in Best American Mystery Stories and Best of the Rest (small press); honorable mentions for fiction and poetry in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
Binghamton University
Writing Center Tutor
2001 - 2002
Worked in one-on-one sessions with undergraduate and graduate students on writing-related work in a variety of disciplines, focusing on content, writing proficiency, and critical reading and writing skills
Iowa State University
Teaching Assistant
1998 - 2000
First-Year Writing Instructor in traditional and computer classrooms; taught argumentation using film, essays, short stories, and a short novel as texts
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Work will begin once Escrow is fully funded. I encourage establishing agreed-upon milestones and deliverables with clients.

If the scope of the job should change and additional work is needed, I'll be happy to negotiate prices for new milestones and deliverables.

All rights of the work will transfer to client upon final payment.
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