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Charles T.

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I'm an Illustrator with two years of experience in the DC/Maryland area. My education involves two Associate Degrees of Applied Science in Illustration and Graphic Design. My areas of focus include Sequential Art/Comic Art, Character Design/Concept Art, and Children's Illustration. I draw my inspirations from artist like Joe Mad, Humberto Ramos as well as traditional masters of the Baroque Period of Painting. I pride myself on providing professional level images to my clients. I often find out that the I offer Illustrations at a level of quality that normally would be financially out of reach for medium or smaller sized projects.
Service Description
The Services that I provide include the following

Character Design/Concept Art
Sequential Art/Comic Art
Children's Illustration/Picture Books

The foundation of my skills begin with my drawing ability. If you can conceive it, I can draw it, PERIOD. All projects include an initial consultation with the client via Skype or some other conferencing program. After being given a design brief and getting to know where my client would like to take a project I get to work. The more information a clients gives me, the more I can guarantee that a client will get exactly what there asking for. I call it “Front Loading The Process”.

After getting an approval from my client or a request for changes, The client and myself arrive TOGETHER at a solution that makes your project sing. Each client gets a specified number of major/minor revisions as well as flat color comps based on the size, complexity, and budget of your project. My method of open communication, adjustable revisions,combined with my Illustration skills create a sliding scale for clients. That scale balances quality, time, and money to meet the needs of starting clients at a fair price.
Montgomery College
Illustration and Graphic Design
2007 -
Trevor P
Children's Illustrator
2013 - Present
Creating character designs and illustrations that will used in the creation of a children's book.
Aries King
Children's Illustrator
2013 - Present
Creating Character Designs and Illustrations to be used in the creation of a children's book.
Adam Rose
Freelance Comic Artist/Character Designer
2012 - Present
Creatig characters to be incorporated into the creation of a All Ages Comic Book. Acting as the Penciler, Inking, Colorist, and Letterer for the creation of an All Ages Comic Book.
Kate Rufa
Character/Mascot Designer
2014 - 2014
Creating Mascot/Character Design and Logo Typography for product packaging. Additional Duties Penciling Inking Coloring Typography
Sharon Attaway
Children's Book Illustrator
2013 - 2013
Creating illustrations that are used in to the creation of a children's book. Additional Duties Penciling Inking Coloring
Steven Bell
Freelance Illustrator
2012 - 2012
Creating One Cover Illustration featuring a popular singer who is featured inside a coloring book. Creating One black and white Interior Illustration that will be used as a page inside of the coloring book.
Dreadnought Series
Concept Artist
2012 - 2012
Created concept art that characters in the Dreadnought series comic book would wear for formal military occasions.
Jerry Persaud
Technical Illustration
2012 - 2012
Created technical Illustrations of a home improvement product for presentations to investors and manufacturers Created Sell sheets displaying the product's technical illustrations for presentations
NC BioNetwork
Concept Artist, Illustrator
2012 - 2012
Creating Concept Art/Visual Assets to be used in an Elearning Game for the client. Concept Art and Visual Assets include the following. Character Design Background Illustration/Environmental Design Movable objects/Items Creating Illustrations that represent a graphic novel style of storytelling that represent scenes from the game.
Jeff Santersero
Freelance Illustrator
2011 - 2011
Skeleton Rider Illustration Provided creative advice along with an Illustration for a T-Shirt Design.
Worcester Republican Central Committee
Freelance Illustrator
2011 - 2011
Ronald Reagan and Lincoln Illustration Created a mixed media illustration for this client's political event.
Freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist
2011 - 2011
Created Character Concepts based on well known cartoon characters possessing the likenesses of the client and his associates. Incorporated Character designs into a illustration that is humor-based to commemorate the client's 50'th birthday.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
Illustrator Character Design
2010 - 2010
Character Design (Mascot) Created a series of Character Designs for a non profit organization as well as created a brochure of an event featuring this character.
Payment Terms
Payments can be done in a series of milestones or in lump sums.

Sample Work

If you need to look at additional samples that I've created feel free to contact me.
If you need freshly crafted samples feel free to contact me for sample rates.
I under no circumstances create samples that have no guarantee of pay (aka SPECWORK). For more details on what specwork is and why it's harmful please visit this site for more info.

Charles T. | Elance

Charles T.