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Tony Bruno

My Passion is My Profession
   United States
  |   Maple Grove, MN


The 3D's of Tony Bruno:

Dexterous:. Ingenuity, artistry and technique woven with a keen grasp of today's most popular industry applications.

Dedicated: The world of 3D is ever changing. Perpetual learning, growth and improvement is a fundamental part of our craft.

Driven: In the business world, passion is nothing without proficiency. We'll deliver the the professional results you need, when you need them.

Tony Bruno is a dedicated 3D artist, and animator who is here to provide all of your motion graphics needs. Contact him today!
Service Description
Tony Bruno has been providing 3D modeling and animation assets for clients for over four years. Starting with technical illustrations for Target Corporation, and moving on to product animations for clients as varied as Best Buy and Siemens Corporation, Tony has made a living doing what he loves.

Tony brings an amazing breadth of experience to any project. At nineteen he graduated the United States Air Force's technical school for Air Traffic Control. At twenty-six, while finishing his bachelor's degree, he was partner in one of the first independent comic book companies to use personal computers extensively for coloring and lettering. By thirty-three, while working as a Senior IT Administrator, he was making microbudget films and distributing them on the web, all in the days before YouTube.

Throughout all of those years, Tony was always fascinated by visual effects and the growing field of 3D art. When technology and opportunity coincided, he decided to pursue his passion to make it his profession.

Put that passion to work for you today!

I provide the following services:


* Modeling
* Animation
* Rigging
* Surfacing
* Texturing
* Environment Creation
* Lighting
* Digital Cinematography
* Pre-visualization
* Motion Graphics
* Storyboards

Turn-Key Video Production Services, including:

* Scripting
* Pre-production
* Equipment
* Talent
* Video editing
* Motion graphics
* Final delivery
Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land
Awarded: 1991
Digital Animation and Visual Effects School
Digital Animation and Visual Effects Vocational Training.
2008 - 2008
University of North Dakota
Bachelor of Arts in English and Honors
1990 - 1997
Payment Terms
Negotiable based on project.
Sean Maynard
Kaman Corporation, Lead Freelance Artist
Provided 3D animation of KMAX helicopter for industrial video. Provided 3D model of building, and animation of firetrucks and firehouse for industrial video. Provided 3D model of power lines and composite imaging of each for industrial video. Provided Vue7 support and render for industrial animation.
Edouard Haag
Kubosphere, Inc., CEO
Provided character modeling and animation services for Kubosphere, Inc. Work included generic human head with hair displaying a variety of emotions, as well as a "Happy Face" character.
Karyn Newman
Siemens Corporation, Technical Documentation Writer
Provided Technical Documentation Team Lead services and Technical Project Management role for team of local and off-shore assets.
Tony Bruno | Elance

Tony Bruno