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Hi-Tech GreenSoftware Inc.

Mobile|Web|Application Development|Graphic Design
  |   Changchun, Jilin
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About the Company

Hi-Tech Green software Inc is an authorized software development company well known to home and abroad and operating out of Changchun city of jilin province in china.
Since the foundation of the company started with 10 members in sep, 2000, the company consists of more than
50 excellent scientific and technical exports of age of 20's to 30's, who graduated the top-level universities in our country
and province such as Jilin University and changchun university.
We have successfully implemented hundreds of projects which are different scales and areas in domestic and foreign.
So far we have a lot of experience about Mobile & Website & Application Programming & Graphic design.
We already uploaded various kind of iphone/ipad, android products to app store, google play and provided website projects such as e-commerce, businesses without failure.
Always all projects we have done have served 100% satisfaction and guaranteed Hi-Tech quality.
Our company is received (ISO 9001:2005).
Service Description
Our strategy of software development process is iterative, model-driven, risk-driven and customer-oriented to meet the requirements of quality assurance engineering.
We've got a lot of experiences of development about Mobile & Website & Application Programming & Graphic design.
We can provide a full range of services from A to Z including client all requirements as fast as possible.
These covered a wide range of coding technologies ranging from simple website to community portals.

1.Mobile Programming
Application : Iphone/Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone7
Web: HTML5, Jquery mobile, Sencha touch, Titanium, PhoneGap
Language: Objective-C, Java, C/C++, C#
2. Web Programming
Language:PHP,Perl, Python, Ruby, VB.NET, C#, ASP.net
Framework: Yii,Ruby on Rails, Django
3. Application Programming
Language: C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Flex
Platform: windows XP/7, linux, Mac OSX
DBMS: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,PostgresSQL,MySQL
4. Graphic/Music design
Design: 3dMax,Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
5. Recent High-Technology
- Network security technology :
Technology of developing of network security product with the functions of dynamic packet filtering, NAT, IDS, Encryption, signature and authentication, manager authentication (with device identification) , remote management with GUI.
- Embedding Technology:
Developing of embedded devices & toolkit
Embedded Web Server, It has high performance and small memory footprint, designed for ubiquitous environment.
-Bioinformatics Technology
Mathematical modeling of human physiological phenomenon
AI diagnosis,
Bio-signal processing,
PC-external interface,
Portable medical test terminals with mobile function,
-Multimedia Technology
Audio & Video processing, Musical information processing, 3D CG, Web based interactive multimedia software and games.
Various Codec technologies of audio and video such as H264
Technologies for the developing of video transferring system on various mobile devices after launching the Video Streaming Server System based on streaming and codec technologies.
-Artificial intelligent technology
Image, Sound, Natural language processing,
Pattern recognition,
Rule and Probabilistic Inference,
Contents-based Multimedia Retrieval
-OS technology
Various kinds of device drivers under Windows & Linux
250 different kinds of English fonts under Windows & Linux system - level applications on the basis of MS-Windows kernel internals
Real-time and embedded Linux system builder

*** Websites that we have developed in past few years. ***
www.etyc.org( France PHP Drupal)
www.realisezunfilm.com/ (France PHP Drupal)
www.agence-polygones.com (France PHP Drupal )
www.lautretribu.com/(France PHP Drupal )
www.datactivity.com( Switzerland PHP)
www.scratchfever.com( US PHP)
www.digitaldatalabs.com( US ASPX)
www.ustechlabs.com( US ASPX )
www.vioplex.com( US ASP)
www.equitiesplus.com( US ASP)
www.eskillsthatclick.com( US ASPX)
www.cctvfinace.com (HTML CSS )

Mobile Technologys: IPhone, android, blackberry, windows phone7 programming
Microsoft Technologies: C/C++, ASP, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ActiveX
Java Technologies : J2EE, JSP & Servlet
Web Technologies : HTML, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY, AJAX, XML, Flash, JavaScript, Javascript, Zend, yii, Ruby on rails, Django
CMS: Joomla, wordpress
SEO: SEO Management System, Search engine optimization
Databases : Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access
Sun Micro Systems
Awarded: 2005
China jilin university
2002 - 2005
China jilin university
1998 - 2002
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
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Hi-Tech GreenSoftware Inc. | Elance

Hi-Tech GreenSoftware Inc.