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Thomas P.

Superior sales skills and highly effective writing
   United States
  |   Marcy, NY


Professional writing services by an experienced sales professional and a highly skilled, highly regarded writer. I have been providing writing services for companies across many different vertical markets for over 15 years. I have worked with major US Universities, Real Estate companies, start up companies, recording studios, day care's, and home improvement concerns.

With over 15 years of direct B2B and B2C sales experience, I know what sells. I have fused effective selling with powerful, persuasive writing to form a highly efficient marketing/writing business with but one intention: To provide my customers with the results they want and expect. Though I am not always the lowest priced provider, very few can match both my skills and my experience.

I know what works and what is less than effective, because I have chartered successful campaigns and have learned from those that were not as productive as I wanted. My work is timely, professional, and has never been rejected.
Service Description
It is certainly a rare when you find a highly skilled and experienced salesprofesional with superior writing skills. But that is what you find when working with PWS, Inc. I an not a fly by night operation, but a full fledged corporation with a single minded mission: To deliver results to my customers. I have over 15 years of experience and am currently expanding my product/service line. For years I have worked for very few companies, but now have opened up our services to all types and sizes of businesses.
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My more current experience includes designing advertisements and associated content for a major US University to drive attendance to a new "adult learning" program. I have also recently been contracted to co-author/edit a book on Personal Development and Business Coaching.

In addition to myself, I have also teamed up with several consultants in different vertical markets. A doctor, a real estate investor, and an independent software sales professional are among my group. Meeting with my "master mind" team on a monthly basis, I am afforded the opportunity to test market several of my sales writing and to receive their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Please know that I only will bid on jobs for which I am certain I can provide significant value.

Thanks so much for your interest.
T Patrick Phelps

Sales letters, marketing materials, sales training, compensation planning, websites, email marketing, business letters, speeches, brochures, general marcom, white papers
University of Auburn
Master Certification in Technical Writing
2012 - 2012
Utica College of Syracuse University
Continuing Ed classes in English and Business
1991 - 1991
LeMoyne College
BA in English and Business
1985 - 1989
New York Times
Sales Career Guide for
2010 - Present
Responsible for writing and managing all content on This site if 100% focused to sales and to sales careers.
PWS, Inc
Technical and Contract Writer
2007 - Present
Completed numerous projects for clients around the world, including: The University of Southern California Mac-Gray New York Times Oracle Richard Emmott Marketing IKON Office Solutions Rydax Systems
Ricoh USA
IT Services Manager
1998 - Present
Payment Terms
We request 50% of agreed price up front with the remainder due upon receipt of final project.
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Thomas P. | Elance

Thomas P.