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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management
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About the Company

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- Awarded as one of Elance's Top 15 Marketing Companies
- Manage one of the largest social media communities on Elance (450,000 people)
- 100% U.S. employees. College experience and/or post-grad degrees.
- One of the most distinguished Elance feedback profiles in Social Media Marketing.


There is massive potential in digital marketing. In today's economy, it's more important than ever to capitalize on social media marketing and develop a strong social media marketing strategy. At Transon Media, we partner directly with your company to integrate a strong, successful marketing strategy to grow your bottom line.

Transon Media plans, creates, and implements digital marketing strategies. We provide social media marketing for companies to generate leads and increase sales through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Websites & more.
Service Description

1. We Create a Social Media Strategy

We want to know what your business does, so that we can develop the best strategy to reach your target market and increase your influence. To do this, a Digital Marketing Specialist will personally learn everything there is to know about your company’s history, values, goals, and future. Your Digital Marketing Specialist will then synthesize this information to create a customized social media strategy that will be best for your specific business.

2. We Design and Post Engaging Content

People love to engage with exciting and informative content. That's why we connect you with a personal Social Account Manager that is responsible for managing and creating your content. Your customized social media strategy is analyzed and implemented by your dedicated Social Media Manager. Our identity will remain a secret and you can also post on your social media at any time. If you want us to post specific content like free giveaways or important company information, just send us the info and we’ll optimize it for your social media!

3. We Initiate and Encourage Social Conversations

One of the greatest strengths of social media is the ability to foster relationships with your target market. On of our main goals is to create conversations and initiate points of contact with your target market. Your influence will grow and more people will engage with your social media pages. This does two things: increases the loyalty of current customers AND market your company name to potential new customers. We do the talking, and your followers get the attention they need!

4. We Increase Your Influence and Long Term Success

Our goal is to increase loyalty, intensify brand awareness, and initiate potential leads. We’ll send you a monthly analytic report to show exactly how we’re benefiting your company’s objectives. It’s never been easier to track just how good things are going.


Social media account setup
Dedicated social media expert
Daily social media management
Optimized content and profiles
Monthly analytics and metrics reports
Multiple daily updates on each channel
Deep-researched industry content and information
Optimized photos, videos, and links
Moderation and supervision of conversations
7 days a week customer support
Quick removal of any unwanted spam
Identification and connection with key influencers
Team of experts available to you for advice, suggestions, and feedback
USA based team


1. Facebook Management
• Develop a Facebook strategy directly relevant to each client's business model.
• Create viral status posts and targeted sponsored posts to increase total reach.
• Monitoring and purging and spam or unwanted activity on Facebook page.
• Full service description copy and company information copy on Facebook page.
• Creation and management of Facebook sweepstakes campaigns.
• Developing, maintaining and integrating Facebook ad campaigns.
• Customized Facebook cover photo design to convey company information.

2. Twitter Management
• Post targeted tweets relevant to your specific target market.
• Post tweets at optimal post times using patented technology to encourage high response rates.
• High quality, customized Twitter background design.
• Increase new targeted followers daily.
• Increase engagement with current followers through conversations and interactions.

3. Linked In Management
• Post regular posts and links relevant to client's audience and followers.
• Increase new connections with a personal profile.
• Increase new targeted followers for a company profile.
• Increase engagement with current connections and/or followers.

4. Pinterest Marketing and Management
• Create interesting and attractive pin boards.
• Develop a following of target market individuals through intelligent pinning.
• Follow target market individuals and industry leaders to grow client's digital reach.

5. Google+ Management
• Post regular posts and links relevant to client's audience and followers.
• Custom Google+ top banner design.
• Increase new targeted followers.
• Increase engagement with current followers.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Fixed Price Jobs Only
Escrow Required - 25% Inital Payment
Net-30 Terms
Social Media | SEO | Web Design | Marketing | Agency | Elance

Social Media | SEO | Web Design | Marketing | Agency