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About the Company

Custom Solvers is a small engineering consultancy specialising in custom software development and numerical modelling.

The type of projects we enjoy the most are the ones including:
- from-scratch development of data-driven software; for both desktop and web.
- (math/physics) calculations.
- development of systematic and efficient solutions.

Álvaro Carballo García ( did perform ALL the actions in this profile (work, proposals, tests, etc.). One single exception to this statement: another developer made a small contribution to the code of one of the projects here (below 0.001% of the total work in this project anyway). SAD TRUTH: LABEL YOURSELF OR...
Service Description
Our top priority is delivering the agred product under the agred conditions. In case of being impossible to meet the original conditions, we apply the following rules:
- Client's happiness is the most important point.
- Nothing is written in stone. We are adaptable.
- Delivering on time is important, but final quality is much more important.
- We will do our level best to compensate any misprediction. Time/money extensions will only be requested under extreme conditions

- Full involvement in the development process and thus a completely-customised product.
- Full rights over all the outputs from our work (programs, codes, manuals, etc.).
- Lifelong warranty for any error deriving from our negligence (e.g., bug or too restrictive approach to certain problem).
University of Oviedo (Spain)
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
2002 - 2005
University of Oviedo (Spain)
Masters Degree in Law
1996 - 2002
Development Engineer & General Manager
2008 - Present
After developing an innovative numerical simulation tool, without relying on any existing mathematical/statistical theory (mathematical foundation: "Comparison within an Environment"): trendingBot, I have been working on building the company to commercialise it (trendingIT)
Reaction Engineering Solutions Ltd.
Simulation Engineer
2006 - 2008
Small-sized engineering consultancy, closely related to the University of Cambridge (CoMo group), specialised on emissions from IC engines. As a Simulation Engineer, I acquired a relevant expertise on numerical modelling (of combustion processes in IC Engines) and on technical English.
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