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Alvaro Carballo Garcia

Senior Programmer & Numerical Modeller
  |   Ponferrada, Castilla y Leon
  |  4:51 am Local Time


My name is Alvaro and Custom Solvers 2.0 is just my nickname at work (I also use varocarbas). During over the last 7 years, I have been full-time working as a programmer and numerical modeller on a wide variety of projects. Note that I am a Spaniard (currently living in Spain), but have been professionally using English for quite a long time already (more than 9 years).

To know more about me, you can:
- visit the new 2.0 (
- visit, where I store some R&D projects (
- visit my profiles on different sites (I am including the most important ones in my Gravatar account:
- take a look at what I wrote in different social networks. For example: Twitter, Google+ or Slashdot.

My UpWork profile:
Service Description
I have a solid background in mathematics, physics and (mechanical and energy-related) engineering. While programming, I specialise in creating data-intensive efficient algorithms completely from scratch. Most of my experience is focused on (Windows) desktop-based implementations, but I have also participated in quite a few web-based projects.

Type of projects in which I am mostly interested:
- Custom desktop- and web-based applications accounting for a wide variety of needs. Speciality: from-scratch development of efficient algorithms to deal with data-intensive situations.
- Numerical modelling and mathematical/data analysis.
- Improvement of existing codes, with a major focus on efficiency.

Minimum deliverables:
- Source codes, detailed instructions and full IP rights.
- Life-long warranty for any bug or error deriving from my negligence.

Note that the 2.0 bit in my nickname indicates that this is the second attempt to build my own company (i.e., me alone systematically over-working to compensate the complete absence of support and resources). Thanks to my not-so-good past experiences, I have got very clear ideas on quite a few fronts (summary:
University of Oviedo (Spain)
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
2002 - 2005
University of Oviedo (Spain)
Masters Degree in Law
1996 - 2002
Custom Solvers 2.0
Senior Programmer & Numerical Modeller (Owner)
2015 - Present
In January 2015, I finally got the required strengths to reopen my company. It provides exactly the same services than before, that is: custom software development and numerical modelling. I have learned a lot from the last difficult years and Custom Solvers 2.0 will certainly not repeat the same errors. New Attitude 2.0:
Development Engineer & General Manager
2008 - Present
After developing an innovative numerical simulation tool, without relying on any existing mathematical/statistical theory (mathematical foundation: "Comparison within an Environment"): trendingBot, I have been working on building the company to commercialise it (trendingIT)
Reaction Engineering Solutions Ltd.
Simulation Engineer
2006 - 2008
Small-sized engineering consultancy, closely related to the University of Cambridge (CoMo group), specialised on emissions from IC engines. As a Simulation Engineer, I acquired a relevant expertise on numerical modelling (of combustion processes in IC Engines) and on technical English.
Payment Terms
Some up-front payment is usually required.

I always propose fair conditions, focus on quality and usually over-deliver. Thus, I expect to not get involved in bargaining-driven negotiations or in projects defined by low budgets or quick turnarounds. 2.0 references:
Alvaro Carballo Garcia | Elance

Alvaro Carballo Garcia