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trenova inc.

Bilingual Production Company in Japan | Production
  |   Shinjuku, Toukyouto
  |  7:37 pm Local Time

About the Company

> Production
- Live-action for TV, film, promotion videos
- Animation (2D, 3DCG, Hybrid, Flash) for TV, film, promotion videos, games

> Design
- Graphic design (printing and web)
- Character design
- Illustration

> Coordination (fixer)
- Fixing locations, crews, equipments, casts, translators, drivers, accommodation, meals, shooting schedules, etc.
- Location and technical scouting
Service Description
trenova inc. is a bilingual production company in Japan. We usually work for any type & size projects, thus we are capable of handling your entire project and supporting your partial production for missing parts.
Our services;
- Production: Live-action, Animation (2D, 3DCG, Hybrid, Flash)
- Design: Graphic (printing & web), Character design, Illustration
- Production Coordinate (fixer): Fixing necessary things in Japan (locations, crews, equipments, casts, translators, etc.)

Working in production and fixing tasks for creative goals, people confront with lots of tasks every day.
We are a small team but we do have experienced production experts covering the entire production flow, plus various work parts, methods, and situations. Even working for a part of your production project, we provide you with the support overviewing & understanding entire your project. New customers very often assign us for a small part in the beginning and they add to assign us other tasks in the same project to improve the progress.
No language barrier. You always get a English-Japanese bilingual producer or director as a contact person.
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trenova inc. | Elance

trenova inc.