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Pavlo Tunyk

iOS/Android developer
  |   Kiev, Kiev
  |  5:19 pm Local Time


I'm senior developer located in Kiev (Ukraine). I have experience in developing different king of business applications using different technologies (native and cross-platform). I've developed such kind of applications:

- Apps for musical band.
- Apps for creating nice bar/pie/gauge charts.
- Apps for capturing/recording media content (photo/video/filters).
- Apps for sms billing.
- Apps for sharing content in various social networks.
- Apps for magazines.
- Apps for social networks.
- App for bank.

I've good communications skills in English, and also native languages (Russian, Ukrainian).

I'm familiar with different version control and source code management (SCM) systems like Git, Hg, SVN, CVS and TFS.

i'm familiar with Atlassian's products, such as Jira, Confluence, SourceTree.

I've worked in very small teams and middle size projects (40-50 teammates), also I worked in a company with 1400+ employees.
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Master of Computer Science
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Pavlo Tunyk | Elance

Pavlo Tunyk