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Eshalsoft P.

Filemaker, Motion Graphics and Illustrator Expert
  |   Perth, Western Australia
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We are a software development and brand development company with immense experience and hardworking individuals, We are a leading software development company with specialisation in Filemaker Pro 13 development. We have individuals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of database development. We are recognised as a world leader in Filemaker database development and many other large companies from around the world contact us for work.

We have individuals specialising in the field of graphic designing with immense experience in softwares like Illustrator and Photoshop. One of our graphic designers is a renowned artist who has had many solo exhibitions. You can visit his website at With such unique and creative individuals we have a great set of skills and imaginations within our team.

We are interested in hearing about projects of any kind. If your projects suits our skills than thats great otherwise we will help you heading in the right direction.
Service Description
We have been developing database and softwares as well as doing system integration for the last 15 years. We deliver imaginative and innovative solutions for businesses of our clients and do this fast and cost-effectively yet the quality of our work is always at the highest level. Graphic Designing is also one of our main services with brand creation and management one of the most important part of our services.

Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your Goal !
We have hardworking professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of database development and system integration. We have young imaginative and creative

- Database Development / Programming Services
- Development of multi-user client server databases
- Pocket PC handheld database with barcode scanner
- Development of stand-alone applications that can be resold
- Logo Creation and Modification
- Business Card Design
- Brochure Design
- CD Cover Design
- Web Design and Redesign of existing website
The aforementioned services are not the only services we provide and there are many more things we can do for you. If you need any help or service needed in FIlemaker or Illustrator/Photoshop than we are what you need.

The following softwares have been developed by our programmers and marketed as products.
1)Schools Manager
2)Pharmacy Management System
3)Hospital Management System
4)Real Estate and Builders Management System.
5)POS General Store Management System
6)Konica lab Management System
7)Library Management System

The above softwares have been marketed in different countries and are still being used by hundreds of companies.

We deliver total quality solutions to customers using the experience gained with past projects. Experience allows us to be innovative and to apply the acquired skills on the multitude of projects, ranging from custom designed software applications to comprehensive product development. We apply a powerful set of proven techniques that assure quality and confidence in the design, construction, and deployment of business applications.

We know that big ideas are what create big sales, and thats the final output we wish to create for all our clients. We are sure and fully convinced that every piece of communication triggers something in the mind of the customers of the companies we work for. We take such pride in our work that the output shows the amount of effort and hard work we put in. We believe that a logo is something more than just a logo. It is something that identifies your business, it is the way people will remember your business. We want to make sure your logo sends across the right message to your customers.

Your success is our success!

The National Centre for Information Technolog
International Diploma in Computer Studies
Awarded: 1991
Punjab University, Lahore
Bachelors in Math and Statistics
1990 - 1992
Payment Terms
To reduce the risk factor on both side, we will break the payments into 4 equal parts:

50% on the award of Contract.
50% on completion of the project.

We have experienced that it works out fine for both sides. For Long Term customers conditions are finalised with mutual understanding.
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