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Ujamaa Web Solutions, LLC

Microsoft Office Live Small Business Solutionists!
   United States
  |   Atlanta, GA

About the Company

You get more than just a Web site with us. You get solutions to start, grow, and manage your small business or non-profit online.

Your Microsoft Office Live Small Business solution integrates with your business model and other innovative Web technologies, such as PayPal, Office Live Contact Manager, Email Marketing, Office Live AdManager, Office Live Business Applications/Workspaces, customized Office Live Web apps, CSS, XHTML, and more.

Your Microsoft Office Live Small Business solution will be more convenient, efficient, and affordable than your alternative options. By removing non-essential cost structure elements and using only elements that add value, your ROI will be maximized.

We focus on the greater opportunity to better serve the large group of socially conscious entrepreneurs like you that may find starting, growing, and managing their small business online too expensive or complicated. We re-conceive how small businesses are started, grown, and managed.
Service Description
Established in 2006, Ujamaa Web Solutions, LLC is Metro Atlanta's most innovative Microsoft Office Live Small Business Partner. We are partners of Microsoft Office Live Small Business and we specialize in Web solutions built on the Microsoft Office Live Small Business platform. We also offer other small business related services as Atlanta's Most Innovative Office Live Partner!

For entrepreneurs and small business managers seeking to start, grow, and manage their business online, Ujamaa Web Solutions, LLC provides innovative and affordable Web solutions and related services to help you accomplish your goals. We specialize in the following:

- Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web sites
- Search engine optimization
- Search engine marketing
- Email marketing
- Business email
- Contact management
- Workspaces
- Business applications
- Microsoft Office systems integration
- Ecommerce
- Project management
- Outsourcing
- Web hosting
- Domain management
- Business planning
- Strategic management
- Competitive intelligence
- Business research
- Financial projections
- Sales forecasting
- Pricing strategies
- Integrated marketing communications plans
- Consulting
- And more based on the Microsoft Office Live Small Business platform.

Our Vision is to be a model for social entrepreneurship by creating and sharing wealth with our family and the community through job creation and business opportunities. Our mission is to provide innovative and affordable Web solutions that helps small businesses and non-profits cross the digital divide and thrive.

We are dedicated to continuous research, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. They are the core values that drive our company's culture and priorities. We believe the greatest opportunity for freedom in this society is through entrepreneurship. And how you deal with people, information, and technology will determine your success or failure in this New World Economy.

We are different for the following reasons and more:

- We offer more than just Web sites.
- We can help you optimize your business and then your Web site.
- We offer innovative and affordable Marketing/IT solutions.
- We "focus" on small businesses.
- We are Microsoft Office Live Small Business experts.
- We provide personal service at the local level (Metro Atlanta).
- And most importantly, we are dedicated to the community.

Office Live Small Business and Web 2.0 Technology Consulting
We focus on advising you on how best to use information technology to meet your business needs. In addition to providing advice, we implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on your behalf.

Office Live Contact Manager
Manage sales opportunities, contact information, and track every interaction with customers.

Office Live Custom Domains and Business E-Mail
Let us help you purchase or transfer your custom domain and setup your business e-mail accounts.

Office Live Document Manager
Store and share company documents in one central place for easy access and version control.

Office Live E-Commerce
Sell products on your own customized e-commerce Web site, as well as on eBay, one of the most trusted online shopping sites.

Office Live E-Mail Marketing
Send newsletters, promotions, and updates to existing customers and prospects

Office Live Project Manager
Plan projects, assign tasks, and monitor your progress using your online project management tool.

Office Live Search Marketing
Advertise your business on popular search engines.

Office Live Web Sites
Use our knowledge and expertise to create your professional online presence. Focus on your core business. Let us handle the Web site stuff.

Office Live Workspaces
Collaborate and share information with your customers, partners, or employees with password-protected online workspaces.
Microsoft Office Live Small Business Partner
Awarded: 2006
Fatherhood Alumni of Atlanta
Vice President
2007 - Present
We love what we do! We support the community by strengthening the family unit by supporting graduates of fatherhood programs, primarily in the Metro Atlanta area.
Ujamaa Web Solutions, LLC
2006 - Present
We love what we do! We make our living helping entrepreneurs like you start, grow, and manage their small business with solutions based on the Microsoft Office Live Small Business platform.
The Center for Working Families, Inc.
Business Center Facilitator
2006 - 2007
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
To minimize your risk and streamline the process by keeping things simple, we require you to deposit the total payment in escrow upfront and to be released upon project completion for most projects under $1000. For projects over $1000 we are open to negotiating flexible and reasonable payment terms. Our competitive pricing strategy is based on offering you the most value.

Our turnaround time is normally 3-5 business days (depending on scope of the project and our backlog) after all client deliverables are received. Earning and maintaining a perfect feedback rating is important to us so we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our work.
Jinaki Amad
JAAC Travel, Inc., CEO
We created a professional travel site for JAAC Travel, Inc. that enabled the owner to promote travel services to her existing contact base. The Web site was created in 2 business days.
Mecca Davis
Mecca Essential, Owner
We created a beautiful and effective ecommerce Web site within 3 business days using the Microsoft Office Live Small Business platform and PayPal integration.
Dr. Edna Primas
AWAKE Resources, Inc., CEO
We used Microsoft Office Live Small Business and PayPal integration to build a professional and user-friendly Web site for AWAKE Resources, Inc. that promotes its mission and accept donations.
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