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SimplyPhi Software Solutions Private Limited

ML / NLP / IR / Mahout / SOLR / Lucene / Hadoop
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About the Company

Our primary focus is on providing services related to large scale data handling, web data management and analysis, and modern web applications that rely heavily on data gathered from various sources including various sites on the Internet, customer databases, logs etc.
Service Description
Our services are built upon technologies like:

1. Information Retrieval/Extraction for Search
2. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for analysis and inference.
3. Web Crawling for web mining and text mining
4. Distributed processing for processing large amounts of data across cluster of multiple computers.

Some the the popular tools used:
Apache SOLR/ Lucene for search
Mahout, Weka, Python NLTK and a collection of other libraries for ML/ NLP
Nutch, Python Scrapy for web crawling
Hadoop for distributed scalable parallel processing
Python Pylons, Python Django framework for web app frameworks to power the apps

Some of the problems we can help you solve:
Extract and mine useful patterns in your data for effective decision making that will help your business
Build a vertical search engine for a specific domain of products
Gather information for you from the web across multiple sources and deliver it in a structured format to be consumed by your applications
Provide help with specific data mining, web mining and text mining tasks.
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SimplyPhi Software Solutions Private Limited | Elance

SimplyPhi Software Solutions Private Limited