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About the Company

7+ years experience (& counting) in web design, development and application programming. Top 20% on Elance for my skill tests. Click to read more.

- Husain Bismil (founder)

We pride ourselves in offering affordable prices, fantastic customer service and a guaranteed positive end result. Building your web presence online is just part of the equation that will help in leading you or your company to success, while using the latest web technologies available.

No outsourcing. Me and our graphic designer, Josh, are both native speakers of English. Please visit our site to find out more about us: www.upfrontideas.net
Service Description
Our YouTube Page:

Our website with our portfolio, testimonials, services, etc:

Why should you choose us?
1) We are a UK company with a fantastic reputation.
2) We have proven results working with companies around the world.
3) We have more than a decade of experience in the computer/web industry.
4) Fixed prices with no hidden charges.
5) We are trustworthy and honest, always providing opinions where needed.
6) Our client satisfaction rate is exceptionally high.
7) Our knowledge is always up-to-date with the latest/trending technologies and programming languages.
8) Our methods are both sustainable and ethical, and there are no hidden tricks.
9) We do not use agencies or subcontractors as we have a dedicated team of web developers and graphics designers in-house.

We can help:
- Increase your brand/website visibility.
- Increase the amount of traffic/visitors to your site.
- Increase the amount of sales/signups/leads you get.
- Find out why your competition is ranking highly - and then help overtake them.
- Ensure your individual website pages are fully optimized and using keywords, content and tags correctly.
- Build quality links towards your site that will increase ranking over time.
- Write quality content - all of our employees are native english speakers from the UK.

We offer:
- Professional website design, for affordable prices.
- Best of the best, premium quality designs that are unique to your company.
- Web programming and development
- Mobile App Development
- Computer Programming
- and much much more!

About me:

If you are interested in hiring a freelance web designer, developer and application programmer, I am your guy!

I am certified as being one of the top 30% (or higher) contractors on Elance in every one of the skill tests, and have excellent website and graphics design skills as well as fluent coding in PHP, HTML/CSS and Javascript.

I also have experience with the following scripts; Wordpress, phpBB, Carts, osCommerce, Magento, Interspire Shopping Cart, Interspire Website Designer, Interspire Knowledge Manager, vBulletin, Joomla, CMS, social networks, iSocial, socialengine and more.

I actively read many blogs and forums which are to do with technology and internet, as I am tech hungry and contantly keeping track of all of the latest technologies and applying for beta testing on a variety of projects, applications and ideas.

Keeping up to date with the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 allows me to prepare myself, and learn the extra features before they are released, so when they do become web standards I am already ahead of the competition!

- Husain Bismil (Web Developer)
Certified Internet Web Professionals
CIW Professional
Awarded: 2011
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Grand Master Developer,Master Enterprise Developer
Awarded: 2011
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Master CIW Designer
Awarded: 2011
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Web Security Professional
Awarded: 2011
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Master Web Site Manager
Awarded: 2011
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Web Design Professional
Awarded: 2010
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Web Development Professional
Awarded: 2010
Certified Internet Web Professionals
Web Design Specialist
Awarded: 2009
Certified Web Developer
Awarded: 2009
Certified Internet Web Professionals
E-Commerce Specialist
Awarded: 2008
upFront Ideas
Web Development Specialist
2007 - Present
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