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Ad Energizer

Google Adsense and DFP Optimization Experts
  |   Bahawalpur, Punjab
  |  5:44 am Local Time

About the Company

A team of Google Adsense experts for 3 years and Google DFP Expert for 2 years,working through google Adsense data, I will increase your revenues by optimizing your ad position and layouts,

So you can Earn Good from your website ad space.

Our Specialties are

Google Adsense,

Google DFP,

Google Webmaster tools,

Google Analytics

We are interested in doing good quality jobs. We have good knowledge of the field and a lot of experiences, backed by satisfied clients.

we have been in Google Official forum on Level 10 before we came to the field of adsense optimization, All my work is always in good standing with google's webmaster guidelines and adsense program policies.

I can tell you how much I can increase your revenue by seeing your traffic and current earnings but usually on average there is a 50 to 100% increase in earnings.
Service Description
Google Adsense is really a delicate subject there are very less people who have complete knowledge of it and I proudly say I am one of those.

I optimize your adsense account from inside and outside.

It means that I will optimize the position of your ads on your website and also along with it I will customize ads in a way that they generate best revenues for you. With all my experience of the field, I can help you increasing your revenue.

In addition to that I will provide you with seo tips and complete analytic overviews on Google analytic and Webmaster tools. I can also provide you excellent support in social media campaigning.

I have Good knowledge of CMS like wordpress, joomla so I can customizing your site for best layouts and ad positions as well by improving it's design.

Hope you like my work plan


Google Adsense Forum
Level 10
2012 -
Google Onlne Adsense Academy
2012 -
Oasis Newsfeatures
Adsense Expert
2013 - Present
I am Adsense Expert on Oasis Newsfeatures that is managed by Amish Cook Column editor Kevin Williams.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I believe in long term business relationship and for me money comes second to the peace of mind for both me and my clients. Our 90% business is reference business from old clients and I have achieved this by giving 100% client satisfaction and making Outsourcing a melodious music to your life. Payment terms in projects valued more than $500 can be modified as per mutual agreement.
Ad Energizer | Elance

Ad Energizer