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UNIX Brains

Anything related to Linux, Unix and Networks
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We provide support for many Linux and UNIX type operating systems, their related software and for Networks.
Service Description
In Linux/UNIX side we have expertise in any flavor of Linux either RedHat family flavors like CentOS or Debian family like Ubuntu, Other than that FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris (on Sparc and Intel Both).

We manage and troubleshoot a very large variety of software/applications for exmaple apache, cpanel, MySQL and its replications in multiple roles, DNS, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG RRDToos, PPPoE servers, Raidus Servers, Tomcat, Net-sntmp, Squid, DHCP Servers, NFS, VPN server like POPTop and OpenVPN, iptables, ipchains, ipfw, pf, netflow based software like flow-tools, Solaris Volume Manager, ZFS, mdadm, LVM, VirtualBox, XEN, VMWare ESX, OpenVZ, and so on and so on, we canít even remember. We also do scripting using many Perl modules and normal bash shell scripting.

We have experience on very different type of server hardware it includes many Dell, HP, SUN/ Oracle IBM servers with multiple hardware Raid Levels. In SPARC Hardware we have worked on many enterprise class servers like SUN Fire V120, 280R, V210, V215, V240, V890, SUN Netra 240, 440, Enterprise 250, Sun Enterprise T2000, Enterprise M5000 etc.

Other than that many SAN and NAS devices which includes Oracle/SUN 61xx and 25xx series and Brocade SAN switches.

In Networks side, we have years of experience in installing and running broadband ISPs and we have used many types of Cisco routers, switches and devices from other vendors, which includes

Routers: Cisco 2500/2600/7200/7500 series
Ethernet Switches: Catalyst 1900/2950/3550, Nortelís Alteon 180/184/2424 (As Load Balancers), Extreme summit
Bandwidth Managers: Lucent Access Point 1000/450, XEDIA, Packet shaper 6500/4500
Web Caching Devices: CacheFLow (BlueCoat Systems), Cisco Content Engine
Broadband Access Servers: Redback SMS 500, Cisco 7200 router as BRAS
DSLAMS: Nortelís UE-IMAS, Paradyne 4200, Copper Edge CE200/150, Zyxel, Tailyn
ATM/Frame Relay Switch: ASC 1240-E

Itís not easy to tell all expertise of ourselves, but we hope you can get idea about us.
Oracle/SUN Certified System Admin For Solaris 10
Awarded: 2011
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Awarded: 2005
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UNIX Brains