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Valant Ukraine

Web & Mobile Development, Dedicated Teams!
  |   Kharkov, Kharkov
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About the Company

We are TOP 1% in PHP, MySQL - the main technologies used in the Web Development as well as TOP 1% in WordPress Development!

We are TOP 5% in all main auxiliary technologies in the Web Development: HTML5, CSS, JQUERY, AJAX, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Valant is a 6 years experienced company in different aspects of Web Development and Graphic Design. We specialize on the design and development of WEB systems. Whether you are completing a short-term project, or looking for a reliable medium to long term partner,
Valant is here for you.

Our team has 3 - 7+ years of experience specialists, that are available for any level of difficulty projects.
Valant has proven project management, coding, requirement analysis, and system design skills. Our highly efficient and flexible web development system can adapt to your organization's needs.
Service Description
Valant began offering professional software offshore outsourcing services in June, 2006. Our business is centered in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Having engaged in the offshore software outsourcing industry for 4 years, Valant has successfully completed over 100 projects for over 50 clients, including those from: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and Russia. Through the successful completion of these projects, which vary in size from tens to thousands of man hours. These projects have also enabled us to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients who have varying needs.

Our mission is to provide you with the best quality, offshore cost advantages, friendly service and confidentiality. We are looking forward to work with you

PHP Development

Valant has provided data driven PHP development services to clients from Europe, North America and Australia for over four years. We specialize in the design and development of WEB systems.

We have accumulated extensive experience in the below areas:
- Website integration, maintenance, and enhancement
- Website design and development
- Customized e-commerce development
- Social Network applications
- Multimedia applications
- CMS development/integration

Our veteran, project tested PHP team has cultivated the skills required to meet your project's demands. Valant have proven project management, coding, requirement analysis, and system design skills. Our highly efficient and flexible PHP development system can adapt to your organization's needs.

We have proven our capability to develop in the following PHP technologies:
- Proficient in MVC framework: Zend Framework, CakePHP, Code Igniter, etc. We have also written our own custom development framework.
- Experts in Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
- Can utilize popular PHP libraries and extensions such as ADODB, PEAR, etc.
- Able to harness AJAX technologies for client server interactivity, and develop with popular Web 2.0 techniques.
- Mastered caching techniques to optimize system performance.
- Skilled in a variety of DBMS platforms such as MySQL, SQL Server etc.

Dedicated Staff Center

Valant Dedicated Staff Center allows you to easily build your own IT department in Ukraine but more flexible with highly reduced cost. The teams of developers are working dedicatedly for you.

- You are the department manager, taking full control of each developer. The developers work under your specific instructions, updating their work plan and progress to the web-based project management on a daily basis.
- Valant acts as your HR department, network support, guaranteeing your IP non-disclosure, a transparent development process, infrastructures supply & maintenance, maintaining team consistency, and encouraging team and individual initiative.
Kharkov Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Computer Science
2004 - 2008
Year Founded
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Franco Frenette, Owner
Valentin and his team we hired for PHP programming projects
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