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Bobby V.

Small Business Success Consulting
   United States
  |   Sautee Nacoochee, GA


We provide resources for small businesses to cut costs, improve efficiency, grow the business, enter new markets, set goals, and achieve maximum results.
Service Description
Our consulting practices and procedures are relatively unique in the industry. We have strategies for you, whether your business is a large growing business facing competition from all angles or a budding business trying to crack through the barriers to enter your market.

Our commitment is to provide easy to understand insights into your business and to help you develop a winning strategy to grow and improve your business, all at an affordable price. From cutting costs to entering new markets, every business has undeveloped opportunities and we're here to help you develop those opportunities into profitable ventures.

Valentine Strategies doesn't aim to impress you with jargon, big words, or outlandish and confusing principles. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward.

1. Business owners and managers must have a complete commitment to the success of the business.

2. Every aspect of every business can be considered marketing.

3. Sometimes business owners and managers are too close to their business to ask the tough questions.

4. No consultant can truly understand or appreciate your business.

5. To improve your business sometimes you need outside ideas and even criticism.

Valentine Strategies is not going guarantee an immediate solution to your business' problems or concerns...nobody can provide an immediate solution. Our mission is to help you form the long term goals, strategies, processes and procedures for your business' success.

If you are looking for an overnight solution you might want to look elsewhere. If you are looking to whine about the economy, your competitors, or the market...look elsewhere. There is no room for whining in business and we don't work with whiners. Our goal is to work with hardworking, entrepreneurial, success oriented individuals that have high hopes and aspirations for their business.
Georgia State University
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing
2001 - 2003
North Georgia College and State University
Bachelor of Business Administration
1996 - 2000
Equifax Inc.
Production Project Manager
2001 - 2003
Payment Terms
Payment terms will be discussed in a proposal or final contract.
Bobby V. | Elance

Bobby V.