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Valeo Online Marketing

The winning formula is: Traffic=>Leads=>Sales
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About the Company

We focus on what's important for growing your business, not vanity metrics. It's all about: Qualified traffic => Segmented Leads => Conversions and Sales. Far too many online marketers and SEO's focus links, rankings, and keywords. Sure, those are important, but you can't take keyword rankings to the bank!

Being successful on the Internet is not voodoo or some black art! It's no secret what it takes: creativity, hard work, and telling a really good story. That's all marketing is! Telling a story in a way that creates demand. Only the tools have changed. Now we use Search Engines, Social Media, Email, mobile and more to get that story across.

What makes us special? We live online. We occupy that space technically, creatively, and with sharp business acumen. We simplify each process and deliver results that matter?to you.
Service Description
We put together comprehensive online marketing plans customized to our clients' varying needs. We also build websites.

30,000 Foot Overview:
We capture leads using online tools, and then we nurture those leads until they become customers.

We like that description better than throwing a big list of acronyms at you (SEO, SEM, PPC) and all the other things we do like social media and email marketing.

We don’t do print ads, billboards, brochures, or any other traditional advertising. We are old-school only in our work ethic and dedication to your outrageous success.
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Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We offer both retainer-based marketing campaigns and one-time, fixed-cost services.

The one-time Audit & Strategy packages are for clients who aren't ready to jump into a long-term relationship just yet, or just need an analysis and checklist to implement internally.

For marketing campaigns, retainer payments are due on the first of the month, and are billed against by all project tasks until the funds for that month are depleted. Then we pick up where we left off the next month!
Jackie Buchy
George Mason University - School of Management, Assistant Dean for Graduate Enrollment
Inbound Marketing campaign involving SEO, eBook creation, email nurturing campaigns. From the client: This year, in the School of Management at George Mason University, we decided to focus our recruitment efforts primarily online after learning from prospective students, in an overwhelming way, this is how they find and research schools. Valeo has been instrumental in increasing our rankings position across numerous search engines. We now appear within the top ten results for many of our graduate business programs. Through their work, they have created buzz and excitement among staff who were previously frustrated with the School's visibility online. Valeo has creatively developed ways for us to capture intriguing content to offer to our audiences. They are always working to find the best solution that will create strategic results for us. They are pleasant to work with, stay on task, organize your project efficiently, and are always on top of the latest trends and strategies in marketing and communications. I would highly recommend them.
Kristi Jeffords
Tiger Bookstore, General Manager
SEO and social media campaign Campaign Highlight * 4,000% growth on Facebook from two, 2-week campaigns * Acquired 57 1st Page rankings for niche terms, 39 of which are Top-3 * 59.2% traffic growth from Jan 2010-2011
Katie Pemberton
Memphis Humane Society, Marketing Manager
Like most non-profit organizations that we work with, the Humane Society needed help to better tell their story, engage their target audiences, and increase donations. We started with completely new website design that was developed for the Joomla! content management system. The site was packed with functionality for a modest budget using the power of open source software. We found plugins for Joomla that handled everything from donations, to an online auction plugin to use for their annual Paw Prints fundraiser. An online store with full e-commerce capabilities was included in the project, but has never been turned on due to staffing issues.
Kristi Bruno
One Breath, Development Manager
OneBreath is an initiative of The CHEST Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). We were originally introduced to this client by a mutual associate, Cause Innovations. We have worked with Cause Innovations in the past. Their expertise is developing the cause campaign and recruiting corporate partners, so they recruited Valeo’s expertise to implement the critical online marketing aspects of the campaign. Like many fundraising organizations, The CHEST Foundation uses the BlackBaud platform to run their organization. We quickly familiarized ourselves with the NetCommunity portion of this product which handled the website, and worked diligently with the OneBreath staff and their cause marketing agency to deal with the many shortcomings of the website’s design. Website design was only the beginning for this campaign, as we later found out. The more we learned about the organization and their goals, the more we were able to recommend ways to accomplish those goals using online initiatives. Everything from capturing contact information at their yearly conference, to publishing an online “Activity Kit” with resources to help teachers and parents educate children about the dangers of smoking. We even did a virtual, 20-minute presentation to their board of trustees on the Foundations new initiatives with web and social media.
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Valeo Online Marketing