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About the Company

Vedanta Professionals is a Consultancy & Service Provider that excels is Management, Maintenance, Deployment & Security of IT Infrastructure.
Our primary focus is on providing Services & Solutions using Linux, Open Source & allied Technologies. We excel and specialize in providing Hosting Solution, Cloud Deployment, Virtualization, Linux High Performance Clusters, Firewalls, Security Auditing, Asterisk family of VOIP servers,
Service Description
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Preferred Method ::
- Escrow with Project Landmarks
- Hourly

No refunds shall be entertained once we have Logged into your server.


Client shall fully indemnify Vedanta Professionals, its employees, owners, management, subsidiary alliances, partners, providers from and against all actions, costs, losses, damages, misuse, liability, legal matters/fees whatsoever due to client's breach of contract, client's use or misuse of our services, any claims by third party arising in any way by client infringing(knowingly or unknowingly) third-party rights, including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights.

Particularly in services related to Security Auditing, Vulnerability assessment, probes, troubleshooting clients agrees fully (100%) indemnify Vedanta Professionals from above mentioned matters. Vedanta Professionals owns no liabilities incurred if client misuses our services in any may whatsoever.

Consent to provide Services

Customer has to provide with a formal Official “Letter of Authorization & Consent” to conduct the services. This letter shall also include information like Authorization Passwords, IP Addresses to there servers and appliances. Any other needed facility like bypassing the Firewall and WAF checks to conduct service of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test shall have to be facilitated by customer.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

We hold Intellectual Property Rights on all the matter published on the website. Our website and services do not in any way knowingly intend to infringe the Intellectual Property of any person or party. Most of the services are for technologies licensed under GPL and alike Open Source Licenses. The Logos, Pictures of third-party services, products, technologies are only to suggest that we provide services related to such services, products and technologies to customer who is willing to take our services and knowhow.

We are in no way related to the IPR issues on the clients' end.

Identity Disclosure & Confidentiality

We shall not disclose the identity details of our customer to any third party or person for any reason without prior permission from customer.

Client shall also maintain confidentiality of information shared by us while performing services. Client shall also not resell the information and technical knowhow provided by us.

The Privacy and Confidentiality of information shared with us by our customers shall be completely maintained. The same shall not be shared with any other company or entity or used for any commercial or personal purpose. Customer is advised to change their authentication passwords on the servers after the completion of the service in their interest. We are not responsible for any breach of confidentiality at other end.

Technical, Sales and Post-Service Support

Support shall be available by Email and other CRM mechanisms like Online Helpdesk, Chat, Ticketing Systems etc. Support request shall only be attended to if the customer validates his identity by providing emailID and other account information given to him.

We shall try to attend and resolve the issues within minimal possible time as per priority, but no hard time limit is given.

Resolving sales and Post-service matters may take upto 24 working hours.
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