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Vertex Data Corporation / Vertex Data Pvt Limited

VOIP, Virtualization, High Availability, Web Apps
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About the Company

Vertex Data Private Limited is a company with a team of highly qualified and highly experienced architects, system administrators, system analysts, database designers, web application developers and data processing professionals. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing, Business Analysis of your systems requirements, development of software solutions to meet your requirements. We have a wide and varied experience in developing and managing applications for education, entertainment, financial, health care, legal, manufacturing, media, retail, telecom and travel industries.

We will provide you with cost effective solutions that add tremendous value to your business.

The work we did for our satisfied clients includes the following:

1. Set up Linux High Availability Clusters
2. Custom build Linux Kernels for achieving optimum resource utilization
3. Telephony, VOIP and IVR applications
4. EPP, Nominet DAC, .UK domains
5. High performance enterprise class Web applications
Service Description
Our company is incorporated in United States as Vertex Data Corporation(a Delaware corporation). We are also incorporated in India as Vertex Data Private Limited. We have a very effective low cost team working on our projects in India and thereby saving you a lot of money.

Our goals are achieving accuracy, efficiency and quality while lowering costs of labor intensive computer data entry and processing jobs by utilizing specially trained and technically competent workers. We have highly qualified and experienced Unix and Linux server administrators on our team who can provide you with day to day administration services and 24X7 emergency maintenance services.

Choose us as your cost effective outsourced solution provider to meet all your needs and get all the benefits that you deserve.

We specialize in systems analysis, writing software requirements specifications, web applications development, web services, web programming, database programming, Windows, Unix and Linux server administration with 24X7 support.

We have expertise in financial services industry with specialization in financial planning applications, portfolio monitoring systems and performance reporting systems.

Our services include database driven web applications design, development and maintenance, Server administration, Asterisk, Vicidial and VOIP solutions. We do API integrations including UPS shipping APIs, Amazon APIs, Ebay APIs and many other APIs.

We have developed Extremely fast, high performance C Language Programs to work with Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP). Our programs work with Nominet (.uk ccTLD register manager) Domain Availability Check (DAC) interface and are in use to catch dropped domain names.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded: 2000
Indira Gandhi National Open University
1997 - 1999
Andhra University
Bachelor of Engineering
1986 - 1990
Citigroup Global Markets Inc
Technical Specialist
2001 - 2007
Portfolio Minder and Alerting System: The Portfolio Minder and Alerting System is an Asset Management tool for the Financial Analysts to maintain, manage and rebalance portfolios of their customers. Investment Policy Statement (IPS) System: The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) System will allow a Financial Analyst(FA) to establish and maintain suitability at the client relationship level managed by relationships made up of predetermined portfolios. It will allow an FA to generate an Investment Policy Statement document based on common goals established jointly by the FA and client. These goals will be linked to a monitoring system in Portfolio Minder through which an FA can mange expectations and control of a client's portfolios.
STS Software Inc
Software Engineer
1999 - 2001
Worked in lead positions on high profile projects at STS Software's clients' sites including 1. Web based automated QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) document generation for Ceridian Benefits Services Inc, at Princeton, NJ. Attorneys enter data at to get their QDRO document drafted. 2. Web based, service provider hosted application, AgentWeb 3.0, created at Navisys Inc in St. Louis, MO ( This is used by insurance agents to organize and monitor their day to day activities and manage the relationship with their clients.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Our payment terms :

We prefer Elance Escrow for payment on all of the following types of projects.

For ongoing or hourly projects:

At least one week's or 40 hours cost of work must be deposited in Elance escrow before we can start working on your project. The escrow amount is to be released at the end of the week for the work done in that week and the escrow is to be replenished for the following week.

For fixed price projects of US$2,000 or less:

Full project amount is to deposited in Elance escrow before the start of the work and the amount is to be released as per the agreed milestones.

For fixed price projects worth more than US$2000:

A minimum of US$2,000 is the deposited in Elance escrow before the start of the work and the amount is to be released as per the agreed milestones.

Turnaround Times:

We will provide you with faster turnaround times since we are capable of assigning as many resources as needed for your project. Once you send us your work sample we will do an actual time study on our best resource suitable for your work, performing at his or her best, and we will provide you with the actual turnaround time. One more advantage to you of our actual time study is you know how many units of work you are going to get when the price quoted on your project is on a hourly basis. This removes all the guess work on the work units you get per hour and the turnaround time is more realistic and achievable.
Mark Mahle
Host Virtual, Inc, Managing Director
Jake Nielson
Premium IP Services LLC, General Manager
Premium IP Services LLC is a reputed provider of services related to the field of Intellectual Property like patents. We did conversion of 1000 page printed document, containing images, tables and text including chemical formulae (having superscripts and subscripts) into Microsoft Word format in a record time of one week to the complete satisfaction of our estimeed client. The process was scanning, OCR recognition followed by manual editing to correct errors in order to ensure accuracy and correct format.
Vertex Data Corporation / Vertex Data Pvt Limited | Elance

Vertex Data Corporation / Vertex Data Pvt Limited