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Victoria Lee

Freelance Content Writer
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Freelance Content Writer
Writing content is my avocation. Tapping into my client¿s vision is my niche. Translating that to the page in a given format is my specialty. Fusing it all into a refined final product is my forte.

As a freelance writer, I am the non-staffed wordsmith and written voice of my clientele. An expert in the use of vocabulary and language, writing standards and styles, writing exclusive content is my sole ambition.

I apply my business background and marketing dexterity toward my proficiency of the pen, creating one-of-a-kind pages that articulate a specific message while projecting a prolific, professional client image.

My innate ability to connect intuitively with my clientele allows me to render a piece that is an accurate interpretation of both their immediate intentions and ultimate goals.
Service Description
I capture those often-elusive elements of meticulous polish and aesthetic panache, creating work that exudes a distinctive flair both verbiage- and design-wise. My text presents with cohesive technique; grammatically correct, structurally fluid and message-resonant content that is as mentally stimulating as it is stylistically appealing to the reader.

My ultimate ambition, of course, is to augment my client's image as the most distinguished professional in whatever the particular field or industry. I have a terrific instinct for both comprehending client expectations and presenting them authentically through my writing. Every piece that I write is a conscious demonstration of my client¿s qualified appeal to the prospective audience.

I triumph this aim through the stimulating use of the ever-valuable, always-discerning written word. I perceive the blank page as an immaculate opportunity to capture those distinctive attributes that distinguish my client's identity and compose content to enhance its memorability. It is my viewpoint that every word put to the page is a firm, everlasting commentary that functions as a permanent reflection of the caliber, tenacity and integrity of the given entity.

Extremely resourceful, I am always dedicated to my client and thorough in my labors. I am as much a stickler for the minute detail as I am for the greater picture and able to work both aspects simultaneously. I am a deadline-attentive self-starter with initiative-driven priorities. I am logically based and adept at conquering new concepts quickly and with ease (although, I actively choose to remain sports-oblivious and to hold science at bay).

Please visit my online profile at, where you may view my most up-to-date (I try) portfolio of recent work.
Freelance Content Writer
2011 - Present
My avocation: Communicating a defined image and an enduring professional identity through distinctive page content and design. Writing professional content is my avocation. Tapping into my client’s vision is my niche. Translating that to the page in a given format is my specialty. Fusing it all into a refined final product is my forte. When I first started freelancing in 2011, I was naïve enough to think that I would offer four distinct and separate services: Copywriting, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing. As my business has evolved, I now realize that I don’t write “copy”, I write content; I don’t edit or proofread, I rewrite; and, utilizing visual publishing tools for every piece is as automatic to me as is navigating the keyboard. Thus, attempting to categorize my work in such a manner proved absurd and I have since combined them into the one comprehensive classification of freelance content writer. I am extremely diverse and the authenticity of my character allows me to relate whole-heartedly to most - able to instinctively interpret a client's vision and translate it to the page: My most recent clients happen to have included several musicians, which may actually be demonstrative of that capacity. Please see my portfolio pages at my online profile, located at Current clients include the Northern Colorado Business Report, a citizen advocate, an organization that specializes in regional health plans, a mortgage broker, a technical company and several music-oriented entities including a pianist, instrumentalist and composer; a Euro-style symphonic epic-metal band; and, a ska/reggae group. (You can't get much more 'diverse' than that!) I have an international clientele and frequently work multiple projects for the same group, ever conscious of achieving that aspect of continuity through a well-rounded, cohesive promotional effort.
Payment Terms
I work on a per-project basis. I will provide an estimate for the assignment and, upon approval, will invoice a 50% retainer via Elance Escrow, which will serve as a retainer to contract the job. Upon satisfactory project completion and client approval, the remaining 50% will also be invoiced via Elance Escrow. All invoices are due upon remittance.

All projects include as many edits (extremely rare!) as it takes to perfect the piece to the client's fullest satisfaction. (I prefer to absolutely thrill the client with the final product!) The client retains ownership of the project upon the final payment.

I insist upon clear communication with my clients. I want to know the general and specific goals of each piece as well as the intended audience. I also appreciate having as much background as possible in order to ensure that I cover all relevant points the first time. I usually complete my projects ahead of schedule, and I have never had an unsatisfied client. ...
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Victoria Lee