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Victoria Lee

Freelance Content Writer
   United States
  |   Fort Collins, CO
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Victoria Lee: Articulating your wisdom and weaving your missive into finely worded, deftly crafted, image-defining pages.

A scribe and page architect.
Writing content of substance is my avocation. Tapping into my clientís vision is my niche. Designing conceptual page elements and styles to enhance the significance of the text is my specialty. Structuring these components into a well-crafted, image-defining piece is my forte.
Service Description
An overview.
As a freelancer, I am your non-staffed wordsmith and design professional. My unique business acumen and perceptive marketing dexterity is centered in methods of strategic development. This skill-set is ideal for of smaller companies and start-ups presently establishing uniform identity-based concepts, as well as or those who are in the process of revamping their approach.

I specialize in marketing and public relations material, but also have the expertise to prepare many other varieties of documentation, from hard-copy business proposals or employee manuals to on-line articles, social media pages and website content, for both internal and external use. I work with people of all types of industry, field and/or business department and with companies of any size toward various client purposes and goals. In addition to marketing (not sales) and Human Relations, I also am knowledgeable in nearly all of the precepts concerning Human Resources, business-to-business communications, and general (and at some times, technical) operations, among those intrinsic matters of a variety of other areas of concern/expansion.

I tend to prefer to take a structured approach to my work, which would entail initially setting up agreed upon stages/phases Ėeasily attainable accomplished goals Ė of a more complex project. I like to simplify those complexities by breaking them down into manageable portions. Client communication is as utilized as you have time to contribute and Iím always available to offer guidance as a project progresses.

Whenever possible, I readily assist in creating a dual-purposed atmosphere that takes client image into as much consideration as the individual project. Often this simply involves my making the present assignment match the established format of those that came before it. Though I have much to offer as an individual, I am extremely flexible and receptive to client-specific requirements.

My work: It's all about my clientís image.
I am exceedingly focused on an ultimate purpose: To enhance the image of my client through my work whenever possible. Consistency is key, whatever the approach, style, tone or voice adopted to be the company norm.
My innate ability to connect intuitively with my clientele allows me to render a work-product that is an accurate interpretation of immediate intentions and ultimate goals. I cater to your customary style, tone and voice. I want your audience to perceive that you are the greatest authority in your field or industry and the refined style and structured flow of my writing exudes the level of professionalism required to achieve that aim. I am your written voice, articulating your specific message in a manner that projects a prolific, polished and professional image.

In so doing, I first maintain equilibrium among the most essential elements of my writing: An identified and targeted audience; a clear and concise message; engaging and compelling content; a defined voice and tone; logical flow and structured organization; accurate grammar and mechanics; and, consistency of style and format. Combined, these components are the foundation upon which I build successful projects. Communicating with the reader using the refined stylistic presentation of meticulously worded material ensures a positive reader impact.

The goal, of course, is to gain and maintain the interest of the reader/intended audience by inducing a strong and memorable impression. I am tenacious in terms of grammar and punctuation, as well as a masterful connoisseur of vocabulary and the English language. I am well-versed in today's writing standards and publication formats. Agile in the art of producing sleek page layouts, my work strikes an effective balance between complementary written and visual styles.

Often hired to manage a one-time project, it is not unusual for a client to take me on for multiple projects once the favorable results of the first item are complete. This is most likely not only due the success of that primary project, but as much to do with my ability to almost intuitively connect with my client in terms of having dual-purposed goals that embrace imagery concepts.

My work ethic.
I work from my home office on a contractual, per-project, fixed-price basis. I like to split larger projects, such as marketing campaigns, into sequential stages, which aids in maintaining both an organized approach and communicating defined goals and deadlines in terms of the various project phases. I prefer that payments for completed work are also split up, accordingly.

I am extremely dedicated to my work, usually taking on only one client at a time in order to preserve my singular sense of concentration. When I have a project to complete, it consumes me. Iím inclined to work in stints throughout the night and day because I never know when a sudden inspiration will hit me. This crazy schedule also allows me to accommodate nearly any deadline.

I am a strong advocate of ďdoing it right the first timeĒ. Steadfast, I thrill at conquering the inevitable challenges that each project is bound to present. As far as Iím concerned, there is always a way and I wonít quit until Iíve reached the solution. In keeping with this attitude, I inevitably save the client money: I cannot detail the number of projects Iíve taken over from previously hired freelancers who may have been the lowest priced candidates, but who failed to deliver the quality required. (This work is usually forwarded to me when Iím finally hired to put the pieces back together and, I must say, Iím always aghast at its shoddiness.)

Finally, I am energetic and enthusiastic. I am thorough, precise and attentive to the minutest of details. I am highly reliable, organized and work methodically and in a logical sequence. I am an excellent communicator. Above all, I am authentic, honest and completely trustworthy. Everything that is communicated to me by my client will always remain strictly confidential.

(Please note: I do not write sales material or blogs.)
Freelance Content Writer
2011 - Present
My avocation: Communicating a defined image and an enduring professional identity through distinctive page content and design. Writing professional content is my avocation. Tapping into my clientís vision is my niche. Translating that to the page in a given format is my specialty. Fusing it all into a refined final product is my forte. When I first started freelancing in 2011, I was naÔve enough to think that I would offer four distinct and separate services: Copywriting, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing. As my business has evolved, I now realize that I donít write ďcopyĒ, I write content; I donít edit or proofread, I rewrite; and, utilizing visual publishing tools for every piece is as automatic to me as is navigating the keyboard. Thus, attempting to categorize my work in such a manner proved absurd and I have since combined them into the one comprehensive classification of freelance content writer. I am extremely diverse and the authenticity of my character allows me to relate whole-heartedly to most - able to instinctively interpret a client's vision and translate it to the page: My most recent clients happen to have included several musicians, which may actually be demonstrative of that capacity. Please see my portfolio pages at my online profile, located at Current clients include the Northern Colorado Business Report, a citizen advocate, an organization that specializes in regional health plans, a mortgage broker, a technical company and several music-oriented entities including a pianist, instrumentalist and composer; a Euro-style symphonic epic-metal band; and, a ska/reggae group. (You can't get much more 'diverse' than that!) I have an international clientele and frequently work multiple projects for the same group, ever conscious of achieving that aspect of continuity through a well-rounded, cohesive promotional effort.
Payment Terms
I work on a per-project basis. I will provide an estimate for the assignment and, upon approval, will invoice a 50% retainer via Elance Escrow, which will serve as a retainer to contract the job. Upon satisfactory project completion and client approval, the remaining 50% will also be invoiced via Elance Escrow. All invoices are due upon remittance.

All projects include as many edits (extremely rare!) as it takes to perfect the piece to the client's fullest satisfaction. (I prefer to absolutely thrill the client with the final product!) The client retains ownership of the project upon the final payment.

I insist upon clear communication with my clients. I want to know the general and specific goals of each piece as well as the intended audience. I also appreciate having as much background as possible in order to ensure that I cover all relevant points the first time. I usually complete my projects ahead of schedule, and I have never had an unsatisfied client. ...
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Victoria Lee