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Martin Engelking

Taste Evil Genius Mixed With Fortune 500 Talent
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Rated top 10% in PHP5. Innovator, adventurer, and life hacker with a deep passion for learning and discovery combined with eclectic professional experience on enterprise software projects that includes both technical and non-technical expertise in business analysis, requirements management, architecture and design, DevOps, full-stack development, data modelling and mining, system integration, rapid prototyping, debugging and root cause analysis, process automation, e-commerce, payment and billing systems, software lifecycle management, and service oriented architectures.

I won't categorize myself with any more specificity beyond "innovator." Orchestration of successful, fast-paced projects demands agility, multi-domain knowledge, diverse skills, analytical ability, and the capability to acquire and harness new tools / knowledge
Service Description
It is difficult not to be in awe of the pool of talent available on Elance at incredibly competitive rates. We, the community of Elance providers, empower you, the thinkers and innovators of the world, to make your vision a reality. We work in a myriad of specialties; sometimes alone, sometimes in teams; we are flexible and affordable.

You're at a loss to find the perfect provider for your job. How many provider categories are there to sift through? But aren't you just looking for a programmer or a web designer?

Maybe, maybe not.

A great programmer or designer plays an important but incomplete part of a successful project and Elance is a fantastic place to find highly-skilled programmers to bring into your existing project.

Are you excited to begin a NEW project? Your programmer will not only be ill-equipped to properly launch, manage, and support your project. Worse, he or she will not realize it until too late. And neither will you.

Allow me to leverage my experience and methodology to not merely write code, but also to:

* Analyze your business, your market, and your competition to create a set of business rules for your application
* Elicit complete, clear, and accurate requirements to define the project in specific and unambiguous terms
* Become a source of authority and direction on user experience and interface design
* Design a secure, reliable, robust, and efficient technical architecture
* Provide accurate estimates and quality metrics
* Conduct thorough testing
* Provide support and fixes
* Create documentation and provide training
* Manage the project's budget
* and more

If you merely need some changes made, I can provide traditional programming services. If you are looking to launch a new idea successfully and without headaches -- but not cheaply, you need to draw upon my experience and vision.

Why an Evil Genius?

I have 28 years of experience with computers. I started doing freelance work at age 14, and pretty soon I fell in love with the freedom it offered. I fell in love with the business world. I took a few years off to pursue a career in sales in order to further my skills in that area.

In the process of becoming a true salesman and businessman, I've truly learned the critical importance of compassionate and prompt customer service, good communication, the ability to clearly define the needs of my client, and the importance of willing to stand behind my product. A sales manager told me once, "You can't just stand behind your product; you have to stand in FRONT of it."

When you hire me, you can expect prompt, responsive, and detailed communications. I make myself available via e-mail, phone, and Skype, and I work with the schedules of clients who may be in different timezones. You can expect that I will ask all the right questions (even the ones you haven't thought of) in order to gain a clear and accurate understanding of your project's needs, and I will deliver a product that fulfills these specific needs. You can expect me to stand by your side and provide any necessary instructions, screencasts, and training so that you can utilize the full potential of the software I create. You can expect me to stand by your side and provide bug fixes and technical support if there are any issues.

You deserve a thoughtful, personal analysis of your job posting, and a bid that addresses each bullet point of your job description. I take time to perform research and identify specific needs and solutions so that I can submit such a personalized bid. If you are reading this because I'm bidding on your project, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to review my proposal. Feel free to contact me with questions or counter-offers; nothing is set in stone.

I believe that the perfect business application should almost run itself. To that end, if any task can be offloaded from a human to a computer, my software will accomplish it; the less input necessary, the better.

If you found my profile as a result of a search for providers on Elance, I want to encourage you to invite me to bid on your project. I am here to offer insight, advice, and to develop productive and long-lasting business relationships.

I am based in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. I'm in the Eastern Time Zone. I've worked with clients worldwide. Being my own boss, I can afford the luxury of setting my own schedule. If the project requires it, I can make myself available during your local business hours.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Payment Terms
We will discuss payment arrangements up front so that they are most agreeable to both parties and appropriate for the project. I will submit specific terms of payment when bidding on a job. Generally, this will involve a partial deposit, followed by a number of milestones; funds will be released upon the completion of each milestone. Unless specifically provided by contract, all payments are non-refundable.

I am dedicated to protecting your privacy. Your e-mail address, personal and business information will remain private.
Martin Engelking | Elance

Martin Engelking