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Vijay Nair

PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, CodeIgniter, cakePhp
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Experience of over 30 years in IT industry with over 14 years in web technologies.

Started working as programmer and worked through the level of General Manager leading a team of 12 Project Managers and 300 programmers.

Worked in Oracle for about 14 years (Oracle 5 to Oracle 10G) as programmer, Database designer, Database Administrator, Project Manager and General Manager.

For last 14+ years, working on web technologies. Main developer behind the widely used dating/matchmaking software 'osDate' which is available from under OGL. Now I am finishing improved version of this 'osDatePDO' and own the project.

I communicate periodically using email, skype, etc. with the project leaders and/or Vendors.
Service Description
1. Web development using PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, cakePHP, codeIgniter, Smarty template engine.

2. Database Designing

3. Database Administration for Oracle databases

4. System design, data modeling and database design

5. Project management

6. Data management i.e. data loading into MySQL database, transfer data from existing system to new systems (if both definitions and relationships are available)

7. Site migration

8. Existing site modifications (in PHP and Smarty)

However I can't help with page designing.

Though not worked on wordpress yet, I can work with it.

Payment Terms

Prefer to work on project basis rather than hourly rate. That way, I can put up 12 to 15 hours work at a stretch daily and finish projects faster and it will help the client immensely.

Open to work on hourly basis also.

Project cost is calculated based on the number of days needed to finish the project.
Vijay Nair | Elance

Vijay Nair