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Deborah Hilton

Setting a standard.
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The website you want to develop is the messenger that works 24/7 communicating information to total strangers. It's a serious mission and, as such deserves focused attention from an overall theme to the smallest details. You may have ideas about how you'd like your website to communicate. If so, I want to learn about and incorporate them in the most effective way my skill set can deliver. If, on the other hand, you want to put my marketing knowledge and experience to work and see what I can do with the information you give me (or I research) I will give you a professional's opinion on what and how I think your site should communicate. As an architect, I have acquired numerous knowledge sets resulting from exposure to public and private clients in various positions. Being an ELANCE member for four years has presented a host of opportunities to assist widely divergent client needs across the globe.
Service Description
My educational background, in Architecture, Commercial Art, Creative Non-Fiction, Business and Poetry writing, serves your project with an array of skills and knowledge to bring an edge to my writing with a strategy designed to discover and distinguish your position in the marketplace.

WRITING evolves from the objectives you outline and my ability to apply them with an effective communication strategy. Professional experience and original artistry treat your objectives with a clear approach, employing:
--innovative and comprehensive marketing techniques
--creative writing styles that resonate with your audience
--subtly embedded SEO keywords to achieve top-ranked search positions for increased traffic flow.
--all stemming from a clear idea of the direction you want to take your message.
Whether a broad or narrow niche, your targeted market segment will recognize the benefits of what you offer with an approach that prompts visitors to imagine their experience with you and/or your product. They'll want to talk with you or place an order, as the content requires.

My formal training, in creative non-fiction and copy writing, has served clients in a wide range of projects that have proven my ability to take on challenges and deliver a solution that works for them.

Prior to achieving an architectural degree, my university education included commercial design training.

Moreover, my experience as a sole-proprietor architect has given me insight, regarding the challenges of operating a small business, as well as an ability to discover how clients'/customer's visualize their ideal solution and reasons to engage.

It is customary for me to collect competitive and proprietary research as a platform from which to develop a marketing strategy.

Successful marketing strategies yield high level results. Marketing strategies have proven most effective when based on a client's USP (Unique Selling Proposition)--a brief statement designed to brand a business and connect with customers. Utilizing the USP throughout the content ultimately leads to customer/client benefit recognition. SEO is a natural by-product of my writing, as well as used directly at my client's request.

My list of accomplishments on Elance commends me to a variety of experiences with wide-ranging business and academic projects. Those subjects, with which I have had no experience, have been approached with a thorough investigation before attempting to proceed with the project.

Many clients, with whom I've enjoyed a successful outcome, have returned for additional services. I have worked with several clients for a period of six months or more.

The opportunity to work with U. S. and global clients is exciting and continues to engage my interest. I look forward to many years of serving Elance clients.

State of Mississippi
Awarded: 1990
Long Ridge Writers Group
2009 - 2010
Auburn University
Bachelor of Arts: Architecture
1978 - 1983
L-3 Vertext Aerospace
Remote Sites Personnel Administrator
2005 - 2010
Handled HR Documents for 35 sites across the country, reporting to regional office and client Homeland Security, Washington, D. C.
Deborah G. Hilton, AIA - Architect
Sole Proprietor See MS License in my portfolio
1990 - 2005
Performed architectural services for Federal, State, local authorities, as well as commercial and residential clients. After undergoing 3 major surgeries, I could no longer fulfill the physical demands of an architectural practice. (Long periods of standing, property inspections, roof inspections, etc.) Yes, it was devastating, but I have been substantially compensated with clients' appreciation of the work I do for them.
Godfrey, Bassett Architects
1983 - 1989
Developed construction drawings/documents and performed contract administration
Payment Terms
On-going, hourly projects: Weekly fund release.
Long and short term projects: Fixed Price. Due on completion with client acceptance.
Deborah Hilton | Elance

Deborah Hilton