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Vivek M.

VBA Programming and Article Writing are my forte.
  |   Silvassa, U.T of Dadra And Nagar Haveli
  |  4:59 am Local Time


I am a Computer Engineering Student in my final years looking for a decent part time job in data entry and/or VB programming

I am already doing a few local data entry jobs.

However I would be very much interested in doing jobs than improve my skills as a programmer and therefore i would looking forward to any programming challenges that I face, as stepping stones to increase my knowledge.

I have created simple to intermediate level programs in C/C++, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET, VBA (mainly Excel) and QBASIC (DOS).

I have beginner level knowledge of SQL. I have found it to be very useful for query databases using VBA. I am currently also learning SQL as part of my college curriculum.

Amongst my other skills, article writing and editing may be included.

I would be looking forward to working with any employer(s) that gives me the above mentioned opportunities.

Vivek Mhatre
Service Description

I am ready to provide any data entry services that the employer requires. My skill set includes (but is not limited to) executing the following tasks.

1) Form Filling.
2) Document conversion (For Ex. Extracting of text from a document image).
3) Data Extraction from documents.
4) Captcha testing.
5) Data extraction from websites
6) Data formatting
7) Grammar correction / Spelling check
8) Article writing
9) Report generation (basically 6)
any anything else, related to data entry and/or formatting


1) I would be looking forward to programming in Visual Basic.NET, VB6 and VBA environments. These are the places where my true expertise and interests lie. A short summary of my projects in chronological order is given below

a) A simple macro in VB Excel to sort out the list of students who had passed that year as the user required. The macro in the sheet had the capability to sort the data by Name, Address, marks in particular subject, total marks and rank as well.

b) I developed a billing / database management software in VB Excel for a local Company. The company provided light (12 T) equipment transportation and installation services to various factories in the locality.

c) A TDS certificate generation software. (from existing formatted data).

d) Another billing only software for a local company.

So basically I am quite comfortable with designing reports and using VB.NET and VBA to manage external data using SQL


1) All the database management projects that I have completed required SQL statements to complete the queries. I made heavy use of SQL some of the above projects.

2) Though I am still a beginner in terms of my knowledge of SQL, database design, constraints checking and normalization are areas that I am comfortable with. Having said that, I am still learning to improve my skills with SQL.

D) EXCEL 2003 - 2007

These are the versions of Excel that I have worked on most. I am quite comfortable with designing reports, formatting data, creating forms, etc in excel
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Vivek M.