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Results-Driven Technology Writing

B2B Content That Compels Action
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About the Company

“Mike did a great job of quickly coming up to speed on our company's niche and producing solid copy.”

“Mike did a fantastic job with this engagement. He dove right in and came to the table with a firm grasp of the project requirements and an excellent first draft.”

“Excellent work - content was well researched and clearly communicated the message intended.”

“Mike spent an obvious amount of effort to learn our proprietary service in order to write about it with confidence. He went through numerous revisions with us until it was just right.”

“I needed someone that would listen to what I wanted to convey, that could grasp the technology and the concepts and that would work on the project as if they were a member of my team. Mike did not disappoint.”

You’re a Marketing VP, Marcomm Manager, or Department Head that needs content written…now. And because you’re competing in the technology space, there’s a lot of it to write…
Service Description
…white papers, case studies, web pages, articles, newsletters, and solution briefs.

Your prospects demand a deeper knowledge about your product or service while you need to move them further into your sales funnel. Put another way, you need to educate them to take action.

Read above what my Clients say. I take the time to learn your product and service. So that your prospects “get it"…to zero in on their benefits…to deliver your message in the information they demand.

I’ve spent the last 35 years in the Information Technology field. I know first-hand that your prospects are sophisticated B2B decision-makers. They don’t want to be sold…they want to buy. But only after they’re convinced they’ve made the right decision.

My sole focus as a commercial writer is to help your prospects decide that your product or service is the right choice. To help you move them through their decision-making process…to help them choose you.

I get that your sales funnel is tied to how your prospects make technology purchases…and that the type of content you need can be different at each stage of the sale.

My one and only aim is to move your B2B technology prospect through your sales funnel. Turn a spotlight on his problem…make clear your solution…get her to choose you.

Put another way, my relentless pursuit is for your prospect to CONVERT…to propel him through his decision-making process all the way to “YES” for your product or service.

For this purpose, I specialize in:

* Web copywriting and Blogs

* Email marketing and Newsletters

* White Papers

* Case Studies

* Solution and Technical Briefs

The content you get from me is researched, structured for good flow, and written to be interesting and persuasive. Your content is created based on best practices for its type. For example…

-- There are best practices for creating a web home page that are distinct from those used to create a product description or sales page.

-- White papers that hit the mark use a proven structure. The number of pages also matter, depending upon whether the reader is a business person or technical professional.

-- Graphics are not always effective in emails. Sometimes a more personal look and tone works better.

-- If it’s an article you need for SEO, there are good practices to make it interesting to read and persuasive enough to keep visitors clicking on your site.

-- Whether it’s a whole website or a single page, I’ll present the copy using a simple “copywriter’s layout” to recommend its best placement for your designer.

Creating good content sometimes requires more than writing. Projects like white papers require organization and a planned approach for success.

When you contract with me for projects like these, I’ll work with you to make sure we have a plan to:

-- Communicate with all your stakeholders at the right points in the project,

-- Get agreement from your reviewers on the content, structure, and flow before we produce a draft,

-- Schedule and conduct interviews with subject matter experts,

-- And manage draft reviews and revisions.

We’ll start the project with a plan that fits your organization and objectives for the content.

I get that hiring a new contractor is uncomfortable. You won’t be sure if I’m the right choice until I deliver what you ask. Because I want you to be confident in hiring me, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with what I
deliver. See my Payment Terms for more information.

All the best in getting the writing part of your sales campaign done. Contact me today so I can propose a content solution to meet your needs.

Contact me now...and let's get your writing done.

You'll hear from me within 24 hours. I want to help.

Mike Vaughn
Hitachi Data Systems
Professional Services Developer
1996 - 2012
I served as a senior developer for professional service offerings created for Hitachi Data Systems clients. This included creating copy for Web pages, brochures, data sheets, presentations, and consultant manuals.
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
If you're not happy with the final version of your content, if you don't think it delivered your message, or will compel your prospects to take action, then I'll refund your money 100% if you ask for it when I submit the final version for payment.
Results-Driven Technology Writing | Elance

Results-Driven Technology Writing