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Vishnaram Jakhar

Full-stack Ruby-on-Rails Developer with E-Commerce
  |   Chandigarh, Chandigarh
  |  6:50 am Local Time


I started my programming journey in 2007. I do code that is based on Object Oriented Programming like I implement DRY(Don't-Repeat-Yourself) and RESTful design model. I strive to maintain quality and correctness of the code I produce.

I am Skilled in Web parts including back-end and front-end glamorize Web design.
Specializing in developing full stack web applications in Ruby on Rails with high-quality-responsive-user-interface. I have extensive experience developing websites and applications in multiple languages and frameworks.

In the early days (2007-2011) I have worked with Java, Ruby, C#, asp.NET, PHP

Now I work full-time with RUBY ON RAILS.

I believe that a solid understanding about the project's requirements is very very necessary. I just want to make sure that NO time or NO money should be wasted on any level of misunderstanding about the requirements.

I am Looking Forward to Working With You for Log-term Partnership.

"Happy and bug-free-coding"
Service Description
- Ruby and Ruby on Rails
- Linux(Ubuntu) and Mac OS for development
- Ruby on Rails based CMS(Refinery and RedMine)
- Ruby on Rails based e-commerce(Shopify, Spree, Substruct)
- Strong Object Oriented Programming concepts
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

- WordPess
-Theme Development and Integration

- Haml, erb, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery
- Web design including convert PSD to HTML5
- JavaScript Frameworks:- AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Sizzlejs
- RESTful web services with a strong knowledge of XML, JSON
- Bootstrap, Less, Sass, Scss

- Crone Jobs, DelayedJob/Sidekiq/Resque
- Sphinx/ElasticSearch/Solr
- Jenkins for automation, testing virtually any project
- Capistrano Rackspace
- Experience processing Big Data / NoSQL (i.e. MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Cassandra)
- Salesforce API

- Git, BitBucket, GitHub
- Redmine, Asana, Teamwork
- Twilio
- Heroku, AWS S3, NewRelic, Cloud based services.
- BDD Testing: Cucumbe, RSpec, Capybara, Factory Girl
- Scraping Tools like Nokogiri and Mechanize

- Payment Gateway, E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Development
- PayPal,
- Braintree,
- Authorize.Net,
- Stripe,
- WePay,
- eBay,
- Amazon

- Devise and OmniAuth Authorization & authentication
- LinkedIn , Twitter ,Facebook API

- Industry based web standard and well organized approach in application development and deployment.
- In-Depth Debugging and Testing skills.
- Real-Time Problem solving techniques.
-end-to-end, server-side to user facing features for usability, scalability, and performance.
- Working with remote & co-located teams
-I am good with verbal and written communication.

Maharaja Ganga Singh University Of Bikaner
bachelor in arts and computers
- 2004
BR Memorial Educational Institute
HOD of IT Department
2008 - Present
* Training-in-charge for CS and IT Trainees. * Software Development, Coding, Resource management,analysis, and Monitoring. * Participating in project reviews. * Maintenance of Application based on RoR and PHP * Maintenance of all PHP projects and Template designs. * Support to user in Internet, MS-office, Softwar e, hardware * Develop software's for various departments and implement them. * Handling Back up / Restore of Database Daily/Weekly Basis by SQL Server * Handling users problem related to software/hardware * Handling We
Payment Terms
I am flexible and am happy to work with any reasonable payment schedule which must be under Elance terms and conditions.
kailash chander
BR Memorial Educational Institute, Project Manager
Web development projects. 1. Working together with our Team-facing end user queries.. 2. guide a team of developers and manage them to deliver the project on time. 3. Provide training to our Team on the required Technology. 4. Produce training documentation suitable for the end-user customer All projects to be done in PHP and RoR. having good communication skills
Vishnaram Jakhar | Elance

Vishnaram Jakhar