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Wade A.

Experienced MBA For Business Plan, Financials
   United States
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Banks, investors, and the SBA may require a business plan with financial statements to consider you for funding. A good plan also helps you understand how to manage your business and succeed in today's economy.

I can write the plan you need and prepare your pro-forma financial statements. A finalist in the USC Business School's business plan competition, I'm a USC MBA with experience pitching to angel investors and investment bankers, and with bank and SBA loans. We'll develop a deeper understanding of your idea or business's strengths and challenges and prepare a plan that drives you to success. You'll get financials that aren't just a standard form filled out -- they actually provide insight into your business and can help you prepare budgets, measure accomplishments, and grow.

Got a great idea and just don't know how to make it work? We'll work through it together and get your business off the ground!

Learn more: http://projectliftoff.com
Service Description
I founded Project: Liftoff as an experienced entrepreneur with an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business. I've helped start-ups get off the ground and entrepreneurs refine their ideas, and would love to work with you too. I do all the work on the plans myself, and never use template-driven software like Business Plan Pro. I also have a large network of contacts who can help with specialized information and skills as necessary. My background is in Marketing and Public Relations, so you can be confident you'll get a well-written, readable plan, and I've worked as a Chief Financial Officer in the past so you can be sure your numbers will pass muster at the bank!

Feasibility Analysis -- Do you have an idea for a business, but aren't sure if it will make money? I'll work with you to research the industry and your potential customers and learn how to make your business successful (or learn that it can't break even, and save you the time and effort of starting it).

Financial Statements -- Pro forma financial statements can be hard to build if you're not familiar with accounting conventions and Excel. I'll work with you to understand your company, then build statements that actually describe the work you plan to do. You'll get a Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and Income Statement (also known as a P&L Statement), just like you need for most financing.

Business Plan Writing -- I'll write your executive summary and business plan to a standard format that banks and investors are used to -- even the SBA.

Business Consulting -- As we work through the process, we'll probably find unexpected questions, or hidden advantages you'll want to exploit. With experience at multiple startups, I can help you tackle whatever comes along.
University of Southern California
Master's in Business Administration
2004 - 2006
Payment Terms
I prefer to charge a flat fee for the work I do. Projects generally bill a startup fee, a milestone fee after completion of the pro forma financials, and then a completion fee after the delivery of the written business plan; however, I'm more than happy to be flexible and work out a payment plan that meets your needs!
Wade A. | Elance

Wade A.