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I work with clients to find creative written solutions for their businesses. Another way to put it is I sharpen what a business has to say. I tauten out the slack, I bolt down the loose ends, I eliminate the spare parts. I'm a consultant, and part of the job is asking the right questions to coax out the crucial details. Have an idea for a book, or looking to have it perused by someone with an eye for detail? Let's hammer out the points and do a substantive edit. Is your company coming out with a new product line? I can bring you bold, good-humored pieces that strike a chord with your target audience, and then publish a newsworthy press release on PRWeb. Stuck on how to add life to a script that is currently just in bullet point format? I can fill in those evasive blanks, and flesh out the key details. I do this and much more, and I have the credentials, the portfolio, and the feedback to back me up. Check my service description to find out why I'm your go-to guy. Thanks!
Service Description
First, thanks for reading my profile. There are over 135,000 writing and translation providers on Elance, and your e-mail is probably flooded with proposals. I propose you kick your feet up and relax. You've just reached the talent.

If you're here you'll be looking for credentials. I graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing, scored in the 96th percentile on the vocabulary test on the Graduate Record Exam (but don't ask me what my math score was,) and taught English for two years in Chile, so I know the ins and outs of grammar better than anyone. Don't believe me? Check out my test results on Elance and put those doubts to rest.

A few brief words about how I write. My style is without affectation; I keep things simple, clear, and concrete. Many writers opt to take on projects they aren't interested in, and quality suffers because of it. I only bid on projects that click with me. I am naturally curious, and my skepticism sharpens my ideas. If you have a draft you can't seem to bring to life, or you're treading water with the same marketing one-liners, show me what you've got.

I've divided my experience into three categories below: Writing, Translations, and Editing. The editing section also includes rewrites and proofreading.

1. Writing:

This is the meat and potatoes of what I do. I received my degree in Creative Writing, but was writing long before that, and have continued to write since I graduated. I offer my prospective clients exceptional clarity and creativity. I have fiction and non-fiction experience, and depending on what you are looking for, I can create an objective news piece or a marketable product review. If you need something written, chances are I can do it for you. Here are just a few projects I have worked on:

e-books (fiction and non-fiction)


Terms of Service/Copyright Agreements/Privacy Policy statements*


Research/Technical Papers

SEO Articles**


And much, much more. See my profile for examples.

2. Translations:

I have been a student of Spanish for over three years now, and I spent two years living abroad in Chile to master the language. I have worked as an editor and translator for individuals and companies in Chile, including Desarollos Tecnologicos Chile and Iprefor. I am very confident in my ability to translate from Spanish to English; however, at this time, I prefer to gain some more experience before doing English to Spanish translations. I have provided excellent work for my clients in the past, having translated business as well as personal documents. Let me know if you have any doubts about my experience.

3. Editing:

I have three editing styles that I work with: AP, Chicago, and Strunk & White. If a client doesn't specify the style, I usually follow my gut on what sounds best. As for the edit itself, I have experience with e-books, technical papers, articles, and article rewrites. I did a mechanical edit two years back for Wheatmark Publications in Tucson, AZ, and worked with my client Charles Clemens to get his book published on Amazon (Harpo: War Survivor, Basketball Wizard.) I have also edited technical papers for Desarollos Tecnologicos, a technology company based out of Chile. Please see my portfolio for a few samples of my editing work. I sometimes use Drop Box or Google Docs to help speed along the editing process, especially with a client that wants to have multiple updates per day. Otherwise I use Word 2010, and have track changes on at all times, unless a client just wants a proofread and tells me not to bother.

My Commitment to See the Job Through:

I bring an unparallel level of integrity and professionalism to my job. Writing is my career choice, not something I dabble in. While I am exceedingly creative, I consider myself more of an architect than an artist. I design sturdy written structures that have a use beyond artistic abstractions.

I personally see to the editing and proofreading of my own work--and if by some chance I do miss something, which is very rare, I have been known to contact an employer a month later and tell them. I am commited to industry standards, which in a nutshell means I don't plagarize or infringe upon copyright agreements. More importantly I am committed to my own standards, which go beyond what most writers are willing to provide.

Below is my service statement, what I call my 4 R's of freelance writing:

1. Review the project immediately upon being awarded, and prepare questions in order to have the information needed to get the job done right the first time.

2. Remain in contact with the client throughout the job. Give the first update within 24 hours, and a second within 48. I'm attached to the internet 24/7, so if something comes up, I'm always around.

3. Research all required material, and once done, research even more. No article I write is without a strict adherence to factual information. Everything is checked and double checked for veracity.

4. Revise the finished document upon its completion. Edit, proofread, and then, if time permits, wait 24 hours before another, final proofread. Every writer requires a period of "blank slate" time to refresh their head, or they sometimes miss even obvious mistakes.

I am committed to these four simple rules, but at the end of the day it really comes down to one crucial standard: give the client exactly what he or she wants, and where possible, exceed expectations. Do not take me at my word--a glance at my reviews and portfolio will prove that there is real substance behind my claims.

Thanks for taking the time to read my service description, and I look forward to working with you!

* Disclaimer: I have no actual legal training. These documents are at best a place holder for when you can purchase a real lawyer to draw them up. I have studied their outline and layout, and can guarantee they will look professional. But they will never be a complete substitute for the real thing.

**No love is lost between me and SEO. Is it useful? Yes. Is it going away? No. I understand the rules and know how it works, but just don't ask me to write an article for you without prepositions. If you have a keyword phrase like "Customized car repair body work tires Los Angeles" that you want sprinkled about your article, then I will show you to the door. The best thing you can do for your website is to bring in excellent content that people want to read. SEO keyword density is an arcane science at best, and those that provide such gnosis are not as useful as they make themselves out to be.
TEFL Certification
Awarded: 2010
University of Arizona
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
2003 - 2008
Guest Blogger/Op Ed writer
2012 - Present
Blogging experience for an internet startup company.
Press Release Writer/Script Writer
2012 - Present
I wrote press releases for the social network AnxietySocialNet.com, a website that allows anxiety sufferers from the United States to talk about their experiences together and seek help from therapists that have signed up for the website.
English Teacher, Instituto Chileno Norteamericano
ESL Teacher
2010 - Present
•Experienced with teaching American English syntax and grammar. Understand rules and their application. Used a wide variety of teaching methods, taught with a dozen different books.
Desarollos Tecnologicos Chile
2011 - 2012
I translated some documents, but the lion's share of work was editing papers that had already been translated from Spanish to English.
Yahoo! News Contributor
Political writer
2010 - 2011
I wrote political ad Op Ed articles for Yahoo! News
E-Book Editor, Wheatmark Publishing, Tucson, AZ
2009 - 2009
•Edited, rewrote, and proofread e-books and helped add them onto Amazon.com. •Worked with client Chuck Clemens to publish his novel “Harpo: War Survivor, Basketball Wizard.” •Assisted with copywriting and advertising layout.
Payment Terms
It is common on freelancing sites to see people asking for five dollars an article, or a dollar per hundred words. If you include research and writing time, this is probably close to 2.50 an hour. This is not an extreme example. My minimum rate is $27/h, which for quality work is very competitive as a freelancer. That said, my hourly varies depending on each specific job, but below you can find an outline of what I generally charge for a project:


Obviously this is a huge and very general category, but here are some price ranges:

1. Press Releases: $55-$80
2. Articles (400-800 words) $30 + $15 for every hour that I need to research. In almost all cases one hour will do it.
2. Large articles/cover stories 800+ words: Minimum $50 + $15 for every hour that I need to research.
3. E-books 10,000 to 20,000 words: $120 per 1000 words.
4. Ghostwritten books and e-books 20,000+ words: $150 per 1000 words
5. Product Descriptions between 50-200 words: Depends on how many I can finish per hour. My hourly for product descriptions is $27.50/h.
6. Scripts for video animations/commercials: Scripts under 1 minute: $50. Over 1 minute will vary.
7. Terms of Service and Use Agreements/Copyright Agreements/Privacy Statements, and other legal documents found online: $150 to $400 USD. I charge on average around $260 USD for these because they are serious documents that require more thought than your average article. I write no nonsense legal documentation.
8. Sales Copy: $27.50/h. This includes proposals, grant writing, and cover letters. Once I assess your situation I can have a better idea of how many hours it will take me.


1. Translations. Currently I only offer Spanish to English translations. I charge $20/h for translation services.

Rewriting, Editing, and Proofreading:

1. Editing can be broken down into these price ranges:
I. Rewriting (developmental, structural, and substantive edits) requires revising and altering the document, incluing moving, deleting, and adding paragraphs. It sometimes needs a complete rewrite. My minimum here is $25/h
II. Copyediting (line edits, mechanical edits, stylistic edits, etc.) checks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, but fact checking and clarifying/streamlining the text is also common. I charge $15/h for these services.
III. Proofreading checks for errors in a final manuscript copy. I charge $13 USD an hour for proofreading, and can average about three to seven pages an hour.
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Warren Treiber