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WebEffects inc.

We change the way web works
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About the Company

WebEffects inc. is a team of professionals designers, developers and 3D Modelers. We started working together 5 years ago, and our CEO's first motto was to hire professional people for customer's satisfaction. During our collaboration, we worked with large companies, for important development projects. The work we've done was focused on different complex goals, starting from Designs, Corporate Ids, HTML and CSS implementation and Browser optimization, PHP and MySql development, 3D Modeling, Pre-visualization, 3D Animations, Project Management.

Our references, can assure you that whatever we do, we're working to achieve your maximum satisfaction, and the highly quality of work.
Service Description
Our company started based on idea, do whatever you need to reach the deadline and get the maximum quality of work. For that we gathered a team of highly recommended and qualified people and we formed a team.

Viorel Cretu - Owner and Project Manager - worked with different large companies, such as eFashionSolutions and Hearst Corporation where he managed and maintained large sites, such as http://www.cosmopolitan.com http://www.teenmag.com http://www.playboystore.com http://www.shopthebunny.com http://www.rocawear.com and http://www.babyphat.com. Each website has over 1 million visitors per month.

Vlad Ionescu - Design Manager - is the man with design ideas from our company. He has a Photoshop Teacher degree, and his experience includes a Manager job position on Oracle. Whatever you need, he can provide it.

Everything we do is 100% original, quality guaranteed, deadlines reached, and very professionals. So if you have a project, enough about us, and let's get started.

Our advantages are:

- Project Management Style;
- Customer Relationship
- Professionalism;
- Creativity;

We know that each client is unique and that's why each project benefits of our maximum attention and implication. Our team is extremely flexible in order to transform your ideas in a final product.

For that we use different techniques and programs, such as:
- Javascript
- MySql
- Photoshop CS3
- Dreamweaver CS3
- Flash CS3
- Maya
- 3D Studio Max
- Joomla
- WordPress
- Professional Task Management.

We understand that in business image is everything, and we can send your message through our work.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Usually our payment terms are negotiable, depending of the customer project. In generally our payment terms are:

- 30% on start
- 30% on Beta release
- 40% on final release

And for complex projects, we can offer a complete evaluation with specific tasks, deadlines and payment terms.
Christopher Maddern
Ecovative Ideas, CEO
Complete site redesign for http://ecovativeideas.com We used Javascript, Joomla 1.5, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Zend. The final result was an original WEB 2.0 design, implemented in a Joomla 1.5 template. The project manager from our company was mr Nick Curly.
Brad Murdoch
DynoFusion, CEO
We created a new site for the client. For that our designer created a original Web 2.0 design, implemented in a Full Crossed Browser Compatible HTML and CSS Verified template. In addition, we implemented a slideshow, for the main banner, lightboxes for all the contact forms, accordion effects on site content, testimonials module and component, and portfolio component for Client's company.
Martin Adamec
efashionsolutions.com, Senior Back End Developer
Our CEO, mr Viorel Cretu, made the Front End implementation of the design provided from the designer. Basically he modified the design for these websites: http://www.babyphat.com http://www.xoxo.com http://www.dkny.com http://www.kls.com http://www.ginogreenglobal.com http://www.rocawear.com http://www.dereon.com http://www.justsweet.com http://www.mandee.com Besides that, he administrated daily these websites and these: http://www.playboystore.com http://www.shopthebunny.com http://shopmary-kateandashley.com http://shop.orangecountychoppers.com http://shopthebountyhunter.com http://shop.applebottoms.com http://www.absstyle.com http://www.cititrends.com http://www.funkfashion.com http://www.judithleiber.com http://www.pepsistyle.com http://www.phatfarm.com http://shop.rafe.com http://shop.koret.com http://www.sag-harbor.com http://www.vinceusa.com
Robert Keane
Hearst Corporation, Senior Producer
Viorel Cretu, our CEO, worked on Hearst Corporation for 2 months, and he created the HTML and css part for http://www.teenmag.com and he created the flash players, for Cosmopolitan contests on http://www.cosmopolitan.com
WebEffects inc. | Elance

WebEffects inc.