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Peter G.

Google Maps API Expert
  |   Budapest, Pest


I'm a Google maps api expert with 6+ years of experience. In the past few years I completed hundreds of Google Maps related web and mobile projects. Also I have been working as a full-time Web Developer since 1998.
Service Description
I'm passionate programmer who love to build software. I have more than 15 years of programming experience. In the past 6 years I specialised in GIS and web based mapping. I can help you design and build your location based application.

Here are a few feedback that I received from my clients:
"Peter was excellent. Worked fast, was responsive, and stood behind his work." - dhermann88

"Excellent to work with. Quick response time. Very professional and intuitive to the needs of the project."
- franklintello

"Very good experience and developer. Understood the requirements and delivered on time and on budget."
- kerepuki

"Peter went above and beyond all of my expectations. He delivered before schedule, he was very responsive in all of my questions, and my overall experience was MORE than "Very Satisfied." I even sent him more money just now because he deserved more than the original contract price we set. Peter also had zero language barrier problems which I've had issues with from developers in Pakistan and India. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was in the states. Absolutely amazing! Peter also surprised me with his PHP code. I know a tiny amount of PHP and everything looks great from what I've reviewed. I not only liked his work, I *will* be hiring him in the future for later map related projects." - buehlerfam
Payment Terms
When we agree and start a project you have to add the full amount to escrow. You only pay if you're 100% satisfied with my work. No milestones and uncompleted projects.
Peter G. | Elance

Peter G.