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Martha A.

Cost effective & accurate transcriptionist!
   United States
  |   Painesville, OH
  |  7:24 pm Local Time


I am a professional, accurate and timely transcriptionist. I have experience transcribing interviews, medical and legal dictation, seminars, teleconferences, dissertations, financial earnings calls and much, much more.

My rates might be slightly higher than other providers, but my transcription services are top-notch, extremely accurate and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. References can be provided upon request.

I am available seven days a week and can get started on your project today!
Service Description
All audio files are transcribed and the proofed against the audio file a second time to ensure accuracy. All terms and names are verified utilizing Google and/or other methods. Any terms or names we are unable to verify after doing due diligence, we put in brackets with a time-stamp. I pride myself on my ability to understand and transcribe even the most difficult audio files however, on the rare occasion there is something I cannot hear clearly, it is always indicated by putting inaudible in brackets with a time-stamp.

I have extensive experience transcribing accents including, but not limited to, Australian, British, Spanish and Indian.

Upon request I can produce a transcript which includes removing all ums, ahs and repetitive words such as you know, so, and, etc. that people tend to utter when they are speaking, as well as false starts.
Payment Terms
Turnaround Times are determined by project details.

Payment Terms are negotiable.
Martha A. | Elance

Martha A.