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About the Company

It begins with the creative SPARK...

...an idea, an image, a feeling...

...harnessed into a compelling, riveting, dynamic story that inspires EMOTION, THOUGHT, and finally, ACTION.

Sometimes a simple, powerful, bold message is what is necessary to stand out.
Service Description
White Flame Studios is a tightly knit network of professionals possessing over 10 years of videography, motion graphics, animation, voice over, web and general multimedia production experience.

We share the same drive and vision for excellence. We strive to continue to learn and improve our body of work with every project.

The service philosophy of White Flame Studios is to ascertain the primary objectives of our clients and formulate the best strategy to not only meet but exceed expectations.
The Art Institute of Atlanta
Associates Degree in Computer Animation
1997 - 2000
2008 - Present
Award Winning Turnhere Filmmaker
unit One
Video Production | Motion Graphics and Animation | Web Design
2005 - Present
I work with high profile clients such as The Coca-Cola Company on a daily basis.
Talentino Media
Multimedia Artist
2005 - Present
Worked on a wide range of projects including video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, and web design.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Fast competitive turnaround on all projects. Superior project management enables all deadlines to be met or exceeded.
Lauren Giovannoni
unit One, Owner
I've worked with Lauren for over 3 years as a video shooter & editor, animator, web designer, and writer.
Joe Talentino
Talentino Media, Producer
I've worked with Joe on various projects ranging from 3D animation to Flash for nearly 10 years.
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