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WissenCorp Legal Services

Worldwide Contract Drafting, Review & Management
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About the Company

We are the only service provider that delivers quality services at cost-effective and reasonable rates. Our repeat customers, high ratings and statistics speak for our professionalism and dedication to our craft. We are also a permanent fixture in the Top 10 Legal Service Providers (out of over 8800) on Elance.

WissenCorp is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive legal solutions. Our team's extensive experience with US, UK, Australian and Canadian law firms and publicly listed companies has enabled us to provide legal support services on Elance at far lower rates than the competition with uncompromising quality.

WissenCorp is run by business leaders with combined legal expertise of over 50 years in various areas of law. We cater to all your legal needs including but not limited to contract drafting, review & management for Tech / Online Businesses, Commercial, Real Estate and Employment matters.

Work with us to feel the Big Law advantage at cost-effective rates.
Service Description
WissenCorp is based out of Singapore, England, Seychelles & India actively leveraging the company's resources globally to provide the best legal services to our clients. We understand the complexities of running a company or delivering a concept on a tight budget and the need for quality services and assistance at reasonable rates. We have worked with the biggest names in the business world today including Bank of America, Washington Mutual & Dell Inc.

Our forte lies in contract drafting and reviewing in areas like Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Commercial, Franchise, Employment law, Website Terms & Conditions etc. We are competent in Legal Research and Patent support services as well. Our network of legal professionals is vast and strong so much so that any need you many have, we ensure we complete it satisfactorily.

We implement our extensive experience with the largest companies in the world to tailor a complete solution for your small or medium business and personal needs to ensure you get the best out of every transaction with us!

There has been a paradigm shift in the way we work because of globalization and unbridled competition. And, you are in the thick of it whether you realize it, accept or reject the facts. The growing specialization and technology orientation of legal services have enabled overseas clients to make use of offshore service providers such as WissenCorp.

The various ways we can assist you include (But are not limited to):

1. Contract drafting and reviewing of:

Shareholders/Partnership Agreements,
Distribution Agreements,
Joint Venture Agreements
Vendor Supply Agreements
Loan Agreements,
Security Agreements,
Mortgage Agreements,
Buy Sell Agreements,
Non Circumvention, Non Compete, Non Solicitation, Non Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreements.
Real Estate Leases and Agreements

2. Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Disclosures, Warranty and Privacy Policy for Websites.

3. Real Estate & Conveyancing:

4. Litigation Support:

Electronic Discovery of Documents,
Deposition Digesting & Summarizing

5. Intellectual Property Rights: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

Comprehensive suite of services like- drafting, searches, litigation support, filing patent application in the US and UK patent offices (by licensed attorneys) and reviewing of foreign (PCT) patent applications and also providing comprehensive product development, marketing and licensing support to budding/ solo inventors to market their products and ideas in the US at very low costs.

6. Legal due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions transactions etc.

We are accessible 24/7 and ensure that our clients get a response from us within 8 hours of the inquiry. We are always there for 'no cost' query handling and suggestions.

We have always performed before and/ or stipulated timelines and have never ever missed them.

We believe in providing you with a customized suite of pricing for our services which enables a 50-60% cost saving (compared to utilizing physical Attorney Services).

We welcome prospective clients to contact us for a no obligation free discussion of your requirements.

DISCLAIMER: WissenCorp is not a Law Firm and does not render Legal Advice or Representations in Jurisdictions we are't licensed to do so.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Our payment terms are flexible and we provide our clients with either of the three options:

1. Full Escrow Funding before the commencement of the project, or,
2. 50% fund release through Escrow before commencement of the project and 50% right before completion.
3. Milestone payments- project start advance, draft submission and review and final completion.

Clients are welcome to suggest alternatives and we would consider proposals on a case-by-case basis.
WissenCorp Legal Services | Elance

WissenCorp Legal Services