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William P. Riley-Land

Open Source Consultant
   United States
  |   Columbia, MO
  |  8:56 pm Local Time


Here's a quick overview of my background:

* 9+ years professional software development experience
* I have delivered dozens of consulting engagements with clients ranging from startups and departments to Fortune 500 enterprises.
* Node.js & REST API expert
* Author of Baucis, the open source module for building REST APIs with Node.js and MongoDB
* I design and build scalable REST APIs to support your business' web and mobile apps.
* I build MVP front ends for you with technologies such as Backbone.js, Bootstrap, and HTML5.
* Practitioner of Agile software development methods since 2004
* Top 7% StackOverflow users

Please see my LinkedIn for full details.

Service Description
Scalable REST APIs
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Computational Intelligence (Ongoing Education)
2011 - 2012
University of Missouri - Columbia
Bachelor of the Arts - Interdisciplinary Degree (Computer Science, Math)
2002 - 2007
Kun.io App Studio LLC
Owner / Software Engineer
2011 - Present
Please see LinkedIn for up-to-date details about my company Kun.io App Studio LLC and the work I have performed during my time as an entrepreneur.
The Idea Works, Inc.
Softare Engineer
2010 - 2011
Developed applications with perl, Catalyst, Dojo, CSS, mySQL, Redis, and a wide variety of open source libraries from CPAN Responsibilities included developing and adding features for the online essay grading application SAGrader, as well as research and development for the text mining tool Veyor Implemented and/or designed several informal experiments in natural language processing, both collaboratively and independently Studied many academic papers on a broad number of topics in natural language processing, text mining, and related fields Wrote comprehensive functional, unit, and UI tests with perl Test and Selenium Helped implement our first asynchronous interface with Node.js and socket.io Day-to-day maintenance, bug fixes, web design, DB, etc.
Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
Programmer Analyst
2006 - 2009
Developed or maintained several dozen web applications, some of which are used by 1,000 to 100,000 users per application. These applications included the development or maintenance of the MO Advanced Questionnaire, eMints student and teacher surveys, Missouri Safe and Drug Free Schools Survey 2010 (with over 125,000 surveys collected). My job responsibilities included developing applications for C# and Microsoft SQL 2005 and 2008. I also taught myself NHibernate, NUnit, JavaScript/jQuery, Python, CSS2, JSON, AJAX, and XSLT in order to provide the best solutions to my employer's technology problems. I also installed and administered an internal Linux server running Subversion, a wiki, MySQL and LAMP stack. Our clientele included the MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, The University of Missouri -- Columbia, and various people affiliated with several Missouri school districts. This job required me to become HEPA certified.
Assistant Programmer
2003 - 2006
Designed and/or helped implement numerous web applications for local and state businesses. Gained experience in C#, .NET, and SQL. Daily responsibilities included C# bug-finding and maintenance, designing and implementing various web applications and pages, as well as creation/maintenance of SQL databases. Learned to communicate well with my supervisor on a weekly basis while also learning to set my own goals and timelines. Some experience with IIS.
University of Missouri Computer Response
Technical Assistant
2003 - 2005
Daily responsibilities included software, hardware, and network maintenance/troubleshooting. Helped provide, with a group of 5-7 coworkers and superiors, in-office support to most of the College of Arts & Sciences' faculty, staff, and graduate students. Provided basic trouble shooting services, solving exotic problems (interfacing to aging but irreplaceable equipment, etc.) Gained experience in tech support, Mac OS X, and Windows XP maintenance, as well as communication with clientele who did not know how to describe the problems they were experiencing, working with others' schedules, and setting goals and timelines. Responsible for installation of several computer labs of around 20 computers each, some times as part of 2 to 3 person team, sometimes alone. Low level hard disk maintenance and recovery, detailed level understanding of Mac OS X and Mac System 7 & 8 allowed me to make many things possible that no one else had experience with fixing or solving. Replacing mother boards, power supplies, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and other hardware. Sometimes responsible for moving 500+ lbs of computer equipment in a day. Usually it was under 20 lbs a day.
Payment Terms
None specified
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