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Kirsten Ehrlich Davies

Writing your expertise onto the page
  |   Sydney, New South Wales
  |  3:43 pm Local Time


Your company's written material should reflect your expertise and experience. But what if writing is not your strength?
I can help you.
With a background in journalism and corporate writing, I can present your professional skills to your best advantage, whether through your blog, through articles, or your corporate documentation. As a Platinum Level Ezine writer with university qualifications in media relations, I can build authentic and engaging promotional material relating to your company and your expertise. I can edit and proofread any existing documentation to ensure it has clean professional polish. And my creativity will add a unique edge to all your written material.
Service Description
Your business writing should reflect your professionalism and experience. You want to present potential clients with clear and accurate written material, rather than distracting them from your expertise with clumsy phrasing or poor spelling. I can help you at any stage of the writing process, from the first written draft to the final proof-reading.


o Creating and maintaining standard client correspondence
o Writing company protocols
o Speech-writing

o Writing text for web pages using SEO keywords
o Blog-writing

o Platinum Level E-zine writer, adept at writing articles promoting your experience and expertise.
o Writing text for brochures


Technical editing
o Checking your manuscript for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation
o Correcting poor sentence structure e.g. changing passive to active tense
o Replacing incorrectly used words e.g. complementary/ complimentary
o Fact-checking figures and dates

Content editing
o Improving the overall structure and continuity of a manuscript
o Reducing repetitions in phrasing and content
o Eliminating or clarifying inconsistencies in text
o Incorporating transitions to improve logical flow between sections
o Deleting irrelevant material and simplifying complicated sentences

Style editing
o Editing a document to conform with a particular academic style
o Chicago Manual of Style
o Associated Press Stylebook

o Final check of a document approved for publication
o Spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation
o Fact-checking
o Checking consistency of style
Griffith University, Qld (OUA)
Bachelor of Communications
2007 - 2011
Australian School of Copywriting
Certificate of Copywriting
- 2004
Australian College of Journalism
Diploma of Editing and Proofreading
- 2003
Australian College of Journalism
Diploma of Professional Writing
- 2001
Payment Terms
I require escrow to be funded before I start working on a project. For larger projects, we can break the job into milestones and you are welcome to fund one milestone ahead if you prefer. Payment must be released before I start working on the next milestone - the last milestone will be a final edit and approval.

As I am presenting your expertise, my fee includes revision of material to ensure it accurately reflects your central message and resonates with your target audience.

For small projects, I will charge a 25% cancellation fee to cover my time if you decide to end the project during the draft process. For larger milestone projects, I will charge a maximum $50 cancellation fee, not including milestone payments already made for approved work.

Kirsten Ehrlich Davies | Elance

Kirsten Ehrlich Davies