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Ann Deiterich

On time and in budget
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  |   Reading, PA
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Copywriter with 25 years experience in business-to-business communications and direct mail marketing. I clearly understand deadline and budget impacts and will do what it takes so that you meet your objectives, and I'll exceed your expectations.
Service Description
Hello, and thanks for allowing me a minute to introduce myself: I'm Ann Deiterich, a copywriter specializing in all types of business-to-business communications. Do you know how you can be persuaded, in some way, shape or form, by really great copy? That's what I do: write copy that moves people to action so that my clients, and then my clients' clients, get the results they're looking for.
Customer service is a core strength of mine, so you won't be left with concerns about your project. And I'm as results-oriented as you are.

Rather than delving into additional services and qualifications, let me tell you a little bit about myself and working style.
I've been successful because of those qualities you'd expect: hard-working, results-oriented, organized and dependable, and those are the same traits I will bring to each of your projects.
As for deadlines, having spent 25 years in the graphic arts / print industry, I understand them intuitively.
I know that my success depends on yours, so you can count on my dedication to your project.
I know I'm not the cheapest copywriter on Elance, but in the end, you always get what you pay for.
Expert Rating
U.S. English Grammar
Awarded: 2009
Expert Rating
English Language (Words and Phrases)
Awarded: 2009
Expert Rating
Advertising Skills
Awarded: 2009
Albright College
Bachelor of Arts: English / Communication Arts
1977 - 1981
Self Employed
2008 - Present
Began freelancing after 25 years in the graphic arts industry. Am happy to be an Elance provider.
Westlawn Graphic
Vice President, Digital Printing
1984 - 2008
Developed and managed the company's digital print sector since its inception in 1985. Having experienced the evolution from analog to digital technologies, I understand the technology and its potentials and pitfalls.
Payment Terms
Projects under $500: negotiable

Projects under $750: 50% deposit; balance due upon completion.

Projects over $750: 25% deposit followed by 25% payments at two established milestones and the balance (25%) upon completion.

Thank you for your business.
Donna Lee
Benefit Insights, CEO
Worked with Donna for over twenty years overseeing the complex production of her company's newsletter.
James Adams
Westlawn Graphic, CEO
Employed by Jim for nearly 25 years developing and managing the digital print sector of a full service marketing company.
Ann Deiterich | Elance

Ann Deiterich