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Jim Kirk

Writing for Results!
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With 30+ years in writing, editing, and business, I know
* How to get results from your writing and promotions,
* How to get you read, and
* How to get you customers--business or literary.

My bottom line is results.

My abilities include articles, bios, non-fiction writing and research, and grant writing. I have done hundreds of proposals, some for millions of dollars; print and broadcast ads; and SEO, sales and marketing pieces for both high-tech and low-tech businesses, so you will get the benefit of all of my experience.

I have also written a novel, ghostwritten another, and done a screenplay that is now being shopped in the entertainment world.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Always.
Service Description
Experienced writer and editor; 30+ years of experience in all areas of commercial and fiction writing and used to getting results, getting read, and pleasing my clients.

I'm very particular and it has to please me before it can please you!

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are my three particular demons--they always have to be right without question. Beyond that, nothing is more pleasing to a client than a well-written piece that engages the mind and imagination and that's my goal with every word I write.

If I can give you better than you expected sooner than you thought possible, then I've achieved my goal.

My aim is always to please my client and I will go to great lengths to do that. Though you may have many customers, I have only one client at a time, and that's you!

Whether it's SEO-laden web copy, articles, bios, books, print ads, grants, squeeze pages, autoresponders, or sales letters, I can fulfill your every need in a short, hassle-free time frame.

I have only one goal: to satisfy you. I am very serious when I say that "Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Period."

A list of my past and present jobs include:
- Advertising Copy
- Business to Consumer (B2C)
- Business to Business (B2B)
- Brochures
- Copy Editing
- Copy Writing
- Corporate Communications
- Direct Mail, Sales and Introductory Letters
- Email Marketing and Newsletters
- Post Cards
- Presentations (PowerPoint)
- Press Releases
- Product or Real Estate Property Descriptions
- Professional Articles and Publications
- Proofreading
- Proposals
- Sales Letters
- Scripting (TV, Video, Radio)
- Website Content
- White Papers
Clemson University
Bachelor of Arts
1971 - 1975
Microcomputer Industry
Sales, Sales Manager, General Manager
1979 - 2009
I was always responsible for advertising design, layout, and wording, simply because I was so good at it. I did radio and TV, print ads, and hand out sales and marketing pieces. In addition to individual sales, I managed salespeople and organizations, achieving success in several different companies.
Payment Terms
Elance Escrow is my preferred method of payment; in fact, I choose not to deal with anyone not willing to use the Escrow service, since it protects us both. I believe 50% up front and the balance due on completion to be imminently fair in situations under $500. However, each situation is negotiable. Larger jobs will carry different, longer terms for the buyer, such as thirds, quarters, fifths, etc. depending on the milestones we agree on.

Turnaround time is always very quick--one to three days is the norm for most jobs.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Period.
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Jim Kirk | Elance

Jim Kirk