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About the Company

When you work with me, your copy will produce more leads, generate more buzz, and create more sales.

“One of the VERY BEST around! I will use Timothy for years and years to come. He is my go-to guy for anything copy-write related. If you are on the fence...I hope this testimonial puts you over the top...Don't think, just HIRE this guy. Thanks Timothy for all that you have done and continue to do. You go above and beyond the call of duty and your attention to detail is amazing.”
— M. Morelli

“Great work. Hit the mark with the right words for the right target audience. Highly recommended.”
— Range Star Digital

“Timothy is very professional and prompt! He adhered to the exact schedule that was created, and delivered well-written and persuasive sales copy. I would definitely recommend him to others! ”
— Kelly Jones

“I've been working with Tim for over three years. Always amazing quality.”
— Justin Miller
Service Description
YOUR copy is the 'face' seen by YOUR web visitors and prospects.

And it’s YOUR digital sales-person. Copy helps YOU generate solid leads... and make more money. That’s why it’s so important.

YOUR copy must grab attention, quickly. Hold it. Connect. And Convert.

Not all copy is created equal.

Plus, there are MILLIONS of other websites, marketing messages, and offers competing for YOUR audience's attentions......24 hours every single day. That's why YOU, and YOUR offer must stand out.

However, cheap, flimsy copy will only FORCE YOUR PEOPLE to go elsewhere. And with them, goes YOUR opportunity...for leads, sales, and success.

Here's the good news.

I can help YOU reach YOUR web, marketing, and sales goals...just as I've done for previous copy-writing clients.And, of course, that will...make YOUR business and life a lot easier and less stressful.

YOUR copy, and YOUR offer will...

~ Build MORE Buzz
~ Get MORE Leads
~ Enjoy MORE Sales

YOU will receive copy-writing carefully, and painstakingly crafted to...

~ Captivate YOUR Target Market
~ Stand Out
~ Improve YOUR Credibility
~ Strengthen YOUR Brand
~ Enhance YOUR Message

So, are YOU really serious...about getting YOUR hands on copy that converts?

If so, why not take advantage of my marketing and copy-writing expertise? YOU deserve it. Isn't it time to fully achieve YOUR lead generation, and sales goals.

Send the right, persuasive message. And, convert more prospects.

Contact me now.



P.S.: ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN - that you're using the RIGHT words for YOUR market? ARE YOU 100% SATISFIED - with the RESULTS of YOUR current web copy, direct response copy, or sales letter? If not, contact me for help, and better results.

P.P.S.: Following is some additional information on (1) services available, (2) types of clients I serve, and (3) a specialty niche

The COPYWRITING services available, include:

Copywriting | Web Copywriting | Sales Pages | Sales Letters
Sales Writing | Opt In Pages | Ebook Sales Page | Squeeze Page
Web Copy | Copy Editing | Website Copy | Information Products
Lead Magnets | Sales Copy | Direct Response Copy | Landing Pages

The clients I serve are from a variety of professions and backgrounds.
Included, but not limited to the following:

Internet Marketers | Internet Entrepreneurs | Writers | Authors
Life Coaches | Business Coaches | Success Coaches | Peak Potential Trainers
Personal Trainers | Fitness Trainers | Fitness Professionals | Weight Loss Coaches
Professional Athletes | Hypnotherapists | Doctors | Chiropractors
Work From Home Professionals | Small Businesses | Freelancers

I’ve done just about all of it...

...when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss writing. This includes diet programs for abs, weight loss, fat loss, and fitness. You’ll appreciate the high-quality copy-writing you’ll receive here, whether for personal, professional, or business use. Here, your project is completed by a copy-writer with certifications in PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING & FITNESS NUTRITION.

You will get well-researched, informative, and persuasive writing on a variety of topics of weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, fitness, diets, nutrition, health, running, natural remedies, and homeopathy. Furthermore, I've completed projects on topics such as the following:

Exercise | Muscle Building | Fitness | Weight Loss
Losing Weight | Safe Weight Loss | Natural Health | Health
Dieting | Diets | Fad Diets| Running | Runners
Fitness Nutrition | Nutrition | Fad Diets| Remedies | Natural Cures

Personal Training | Person Trainers | Fitness Trainers
Strength Training | HIIT (High-Intensity Intensity Interval Training)
Resistance Training | Weight Training | Cardio Training
Fat Loss | Fat Burning | Belly Fat | Six Pack Abs
Fat Loss Workout | Fat Loss Diets | Foods for Fat Loss

Detox | Detoxification | Detoxifying | Metabolism
Glycemic Index | Insulin | Blood Sugar | Carbohydrates | Carbs
Fats | Fatty Acids | Triglycerides | Cholesterol | HDL | LDL

Weight Loss Tips | Weight Loss Supplements | Weight Loss Foods
Rapid Weight Loss | Weight Loss Diets | Easy Weight Loss
Weight Loss Hypnosis | Diets for Weight Loss Weight Loss Methods
Weight Loss Workouts | Weight Loss Exercises | Weight Loss Secrets
Natural Weight Loss | Safe Weight Loss | Healthy Weight Loss

Obesity | Childhood Obesity | Obesity Articles
Obesity Symptoms | Obesity in Kids | Obesity Epidemic
Obesity Diseases | Preventing Obesity
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
Fitness Nutrition Coach
Awarded: 2010
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
Certified Personal Trainer
Awarded: 2006
Eastern Washington University
Master of Business Administration
1999 - 2001
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Elance Escrow only.

Turnaround time varies by project. Following are typical turnaround times:

(1) Small projects: 3 to 5 business days
(2) Medium projects: 6 to 10 business days
(3) Large projects: 15 to 25 business days

Revisions must be requested within two weeks of delivery of the documents, writing, or content.
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